Bag of Love December 2013 ~ ‘Rock On’ Edition

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s not surprising to find that the December edition of Bag of Love housed a host of classy and mostly European brands intended for festive skin pampering.

Bag of Love December

Bag of Love December

The bag for the month came in the form of a pretty and festive red velvet evening clutch and was perfectly complimented by its gold accent clasp.

Discreetly, the Bag of Love logo appears only in the interior as the clutch was designed to be carried at the parties of the season and not meant to be an overt advertisement for Bag of Love. Very thoughtful.

The Bag of Love logo

The Bag of Love logo was sewn discreetly inside this month’s bag and is only visible on the interior.

The festive Lineup

The festive lineup of skincare to prep and destress skin for the parties ahead.

The difference with this month’s batch of goodies is that there was no surprise as to what this edition contained because, for the convenience of gifting the Bag of Love to friends and family for Christmas, Mi Mi did not want subscribers to be unaware of the products inside beforehand.

All was revealed well in advance on Bag of Love’s Facebook page and I think this was an insightful and thoughtful gesture because it may be one thing to not know what you’re getting for Christmas but another thing altogether when you don’t know what you’re giving!

Rock On ~ The Party-themed edition

Rock On ~ The Party-themed edition of Bag of Love

Now, there were some comments on Facebook that some subscribers were not pleased with receiving a repetition of beauty samples but in all fairness, this is a rather inaccurate claim.

Correct me if I am wrong but the samples in the Bag of Love have never actually been featured in any previous Bag of Love editions but if you’re a beauty box addict you may have come across one, two or even more of this month’s samples in other beauty subscriptions. It often seems to be the case that most people subscribe to more than one service so the chances of a repeat date are fairly high.

Anyway, I’m going to be the Devil’s Advocate and suggest that it’s hardly fair to accuse Bag of Love of repetition. I think that it comes as part and parcel of any beauty subscription addiction that sooner or later certain brands and products will reappear among your various orders and some leeway should be tolerated. Anyhow, I’m getting off the soapbox and back onto topic…come, let me celebrate the arrival of this December edition with you!

The samples in this edition are all from great brands and are fantastic beauty products with each their own merits and I really do think this selection by Bag of Love was particulary decadent. Nothing whimsical here just classic beauty solutions to suit most people. In fact, this month’s samples are a wonderful collection of products with some heavy representation from France! Tres belle! The French are quite famously known for having expert beauty formulas, don’t you think?

Lierac Cohérence

Lierac Cohérence 15ml (50ml@ RM300)

First up, we have Lierac with the Cohérence Cream; a Day & Night formula with anti-wrinkle and firming properties. This is actually quite a pricey brand and I’m particularly pleased with the anti-wrinkle claims of this product. You can say it, you know I need it!

I love how the cream looks from the outside of the jar because from where I’m standing it looks a lot like a delicious strawberry fromage frais. I even spot some darker bits that actually look like real strawberry bits suspended in the skin ‘yoghurt’. Also from France we have the Nuxellence Jeunesse by Nuxe.

Nuxellence Jeunesse Pre Serum

Nuxellence Jeunesse Pre Serum 15ml (50ml@RM180)

Now, you know I have a soft spot for Nuxe even though I dislike the Nuxe BB cream (which is another story) but this is another anti-ageing product that is meant for all skin types.

The packaging claims that it’s a ‘youth and radiance revealing fluid’ which sounds just right for me. Who doesn’t want to be young! Again, I should need this and I’ve read some good reviews for this so I am pleased to have it in my kit for new year skin trials.

Anti-Frizz for Hair

So promising! An Anti-Frizz agent from boutique botanical hair care brand, Phyto Paris 15ml (100ml@RM90)

And our final entrant from France is from the hair care brand, Phyto Paris and is what the French would call a défrisant or a cheveux á lisser and I love the idea of this because it basically means that it’s a hair cream to tame frizzy locks.

When disco went out so did frizz so I think I love this already. With the exception of my secret pet love of disco balls I really do hate anything disco. No to disco, no to frizz. The next sample is just a hop, skip and jump from France and so we cross the border to Italy for this next beauty formula. Yes, it’s another anti-ageing product but this time it’s for the body and from Italian beauty brand Collistar which is sold here under SaSa Malaysia.


Collistar ~ targeted solutions for firmer skin 30ml (400ml@RM165)

Collistar are dedicated experts at skin firming and cellulite-busting products and so this body cream comes from some esteemed heritage. I can think of at least a few areas where a lift or two would not go astray 😉

Last but not least is something from across the pond. It’s the classic and seemingly timeless Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream; a trademarked product that’s made in the USA.

This soothing cream has something of a cult status and has been around since 1930 having been developed by the skincare maven herself. Apparently, there’s at least a tube of this sold every 30 seconds somewhere in the world!

I can’t believe I have not tried this but I’m pretty excited to finally get a chance to. This is probably Elizabeth Arden’s most signature formula and seems to have almost as many uses as it has fans across the world.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Cult Favourite ~Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream 15ml (50ml@RM86)

I exaggerate but yes, it’s basically a multi-use moisturising agent and as the literature that comes with this product in this month’s Bag of Love outlines, has at least 8 explicit uses as I’ve summarised below-:

1. Protects skin from the elements including the drying sun, wind and minor irritations.

2. Relieves sunburn

3. Adds radiance after makeup and imparts a fresh, dewy glow to the eyelids, cheeks and lips.

4. Treats feet and soothes rough heels and soles

5. Use as a body soothing cream for after shaving or waxing

6. Use on nails and hands to soften and moisturise cuticles

7. Smooths and tames brow hairs

8. Hydrates skin and great for in-flight skin hydration

Now I’m keen to see if I can wrangle some of my own innovative uses from this legendary cult formula. And, in case you think that you may have missed out on getting this little baby in the December bag…the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer was the FREE GIFT that Bag of Love was only given to Quarterly subscribers.

My FREE gift for a quarterly subscription ~ Skin Perfecting Primer by Murad

My FREE Bag of Love gift for ordering a quarterly subscription ~ a Skin Perfecting Primer by Murad 5ml. I love the pump dispenser!

All in all, I am very pleased with this December Edition of Bag of Love and I do believe we got a great deal from some established international beauty brands with this collation.

I also like very much that it was all about skincare because this has always been my utmost favorite area of beauty. Never underestimate how important it is to love the skin you’re in!

And before I sign off completely, Happy Christmas & have yourselves a sexy and beautiful New Year too!

Here’s to a more beautiful year ahead! XOX

Click Here to go to Bag of Love

Bag of Love Facebook

RM39.90 a month for Peninsular Malaysia ( add RM8 for shipping to East Malaysia)

[Disclaimer: The Bag of Love December was paid for in full by me and all opinions and comments expressed herein are of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk.]



  1. I did not subscribe to this one but one thing for sure, the combination is perfect!! I have a full size of Nuxellence Jeunesse and it is my favourite cream serum to wear ^_^

  2. @Mieza, I’ll take your word for it and give the Nuxellence Jeunesse a whirl. I’ve only heard good things about it so far.

  3. I see you have re-subscribed! This is definitely a batch of goodies that had me all frenzied up about more exciting times with product trials and I am so pleased with it! I hope you love Nuellence Jeunesse as much as I do!

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