SaSa x ARTDECO Cosmetics Launch November 2013


SaSa Malaysia recently added the popular German makeup brand ARTDECO Cosmetics into its fold and I was invited to attend the snazzy media launch held at The Icon here in Kuala Lumpur.

Now other than running my favourite beauty shop in town, SaSa really knows how to throw a launch party and the event was a glam and glitzy affair to showcase the ARTDECO makeup lines that will now be available at most SaSa outlets locally.

SaSa x ARTDECO Media Event 2013

The stage is set ~ SaSa x ARTDECO Media Launch November 2013

If you’re new to the ARTDECO brand then you’re in for a treat because this is really one of Europe’s strongest cosmetics brands and has won multiple beauty awards across Europe for its full range of cosmetics that include innovative base products to a huge selection of colour products for eyes, cheeks, lips and nails. It’s currently the market leader for cosmetics in Germany and widely popular in the other European capitals too.

From the ARTDECO website…

“ARTDECO has evolved into a leading brand in premium retail in various European countries. From Norway to Poland, from Switzerland to Austria, Slowenia, Croatia to the Ukraine you can find the elegant ARTDECO presentations in perfumeries and department stores”

ARTDECO features a full range of cosmetic products

ARTDECO features the full range of cosmetic products; bases, colour products & finishing products.

If you’re already familiar with ARTDECO then you’ll be thrilled to know that you won’t have to go as far as Europe for this award winning brand of products as there will be now be a dedicated range at most SaSa store across Malaysia.

Former Miss Malaysia, Elaine Daly, was MC for the event and the feature model of the evening was Malaysian modelling sensation & former Guess Watches Model, Amber Chia.

The key event of the evening was a professional makeup demonstration that was followed with a catwalk show of trendy looks for the season.

ARTDECO’s renowned International Makeup Trainer, Derek Grillo, was the talented MUA on hand for a live makeup demonstration on Amber Chia and presented two looks; one for day and another for night using products from ARTDECO. Each finished look was followed by a mini catwalk show featuring Amber and other models.

Amber Chia and Derek Grillo with MC, Elaine Daly

Amber Chia and Derek Grillo with MC, Elaine Daly

Malaysian model extraordinaire,Amber Chia, with ARTDECO International Makeup Training Maestro, Derek Grillo.

Malaysia’s top model, Amber Chia, with ARTDECO International Makeup Training Maestro, MUA Derek Grillo.

Amber Chia prepped & ready for ARTDECO makeup maestro, Derek Grillo.

Amber Chia prepped & ready for ARTDECO maestro, Derek Grillo.

Catwalk show showcasing ARTDECO makeup.

Catwalk models showcasing ARTDECO makeup looks

The bold & sexy new evening look for Amber Chia by ARTDECO's Derek Grillo

The bold & sexy new evening look for Amber Chia by ARTDECO artist, Derek Grillo

Being a SaSa event, the ARTDECO launch party did not disappoint because it was chic and fashion forward yet intimate and hands-on. The surprise for guests was that SaSa had creatively set up a makeup ‘play area’ that looked just like a movie star’s dressing room so party-goers could play with the full range of makeup to their hearts content.

SaSa created a makeup playground for beauty addicts at the event

SaSa created a ‘playground of makeup’ for beauty addicts at the launch event.

Bright & vibrant colours

Vibrant but sophisticated makeup colours are signature to the ARTDECO range.


Everything from foundation and concealers to lipstick, blushers and nail polishes, ARTDECO is a complete cosmetics range.

The sleek black packaging is very well-made.

The sleek black packaging is classy, functional and well-made.

ARTDECO cosmetics feature many classic and stylish colours

ARTDECO Cosmetics feature many classic and wearable shades in their collections. I also noticed lots of classic but bold reds in the lip and nail products.

Founded in 1985 by award-winning Helmut Baurecht, ARTDECO channels glamour, seduction and Euro-chic to produce some very wearable cosmetics for day or evening.

I could have played with this all night!

I could have played with these all night!

Dressing tables decked out in ARTDECO makeup

One of the numerous dressing tables decked out in ARTDECO makeup for guests to experiment with. Word quickly spread that the dressing tables had such perfect lighting for taking Selfie shots.

I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of de-potting eyeshadows and blushes. I’ve seen it done by others online but unless you’re good with your tools or want to break your nails, it can be a fiddly, messy process with a questionable return on effort.

For me, it’s heartbreaking to disturb the original product packaging when the best part about a makeup product can be the pretty, chic or signature casings. So yes, I am a little shallow and a bit of a packaging purist but I like to keep my products in their original shape so de-potting is therefore kind of sacrilegious in my books.

I’m also not keen on the final result from de-potting which in my opinion often produces a cheap-looking adhoc palette of varying brands, shapes and colours. And, I think I’d worry too much about getting my fingers into my shadow and blusher cakes as I try and pry them out of their original casing.

Of course, if de-potting makeup is your thing then go for it but I’m a lazy beauty addict with an OCD complex against destroying gorgeous packaging and besides, as you’ll see below, there are now simpler ways to chop and change your makeup palettes with the latest innovations in packaging.

At this launch, I discovered that de-potting ARTDECO isn’t necessary at all as at the heart of the ARTDECO range is the way it caters to individual needs and tastes by being comprised of a completely chic and innovative customisable palette and insert system for eyeshadows and face colours. Indeed, the brand’s unique refillable system of magnetic palettes makes DIY old fashioned de-potting look primitive.

Customers can effectively buy individual units of the ARTDECO colour products such as eyeshadows and blushers and attach them easily into an empty Art Deco palette case as and when they choose. The palettes also come in a variety of sizes according to your needs and preferences.

ARTDECO's unique and individual way of selling eye colours so you can mix & match to create your own palettes.

ARTDECO’s unique and individual way of selling eye colours let you mix & match to create your own interchangeable and refillable palettes.

The ARTDECO colour products give the benefits of a ‘depotting’ storage system without the hassle and messiness because every ARTDECO colour unit fits perfectly inside the ARTDECO palette casing system alongside another. It’s really very neat and I had fun trying out this system out at the launch.

Clean & simple options to mix & match to your needs.

Clean & simple options to mix & match to your daily needs (Image via ARTDECO website)

Last but not least, no launch party is ever complete without a glorious swag bag of goodies and SaSa x ARTDECO did not fail to impress with a generous stash of ARTDECO makeup in a signature ARTDECO beauty pouch. To give you an idea of the retail prices for some of the products I’ve listed them alongside each item.

  • Pure Minerals Powder Foundation – RM99 each
  • Art Couture Lipstick- RM79 each
  • Eyeshadow Base- RM59 each
  • Beauty Box Duo Palette Casing – RM19
  • Eyeshadow Inserts – RM29 each (we were given two units of these)
  • Ceramic Nail Lacquer – (not shown in the image below).

Here’s a group photo of the goodies…sans nail polish. I’m sorry for accidentally leaving it out. I originally got a pinkish nude but darling Arpita of the Shopaholics Anonymous blog let me exchange with her for a shimmery, pearlescent brown. Thanks, Arpita!

The SaSa X ARTDECO swag bag ~ all full sizes!

My SaSa x ARTDECO swag bag ~ all full sizes!

SaSa is iconic here in Asia and has been going strong since 1977 and the best part about SaSa is just how easy it is to find a store in this part of the world.

Every day is like Christmas at SaSa. They have steals and seasonal deals and I just trust them to sell me beauty products that actually suit my skin which is both sensitive and combination type.

Half of my beauty stash at any point in time is from SaSa and I was in there just this morning picking up some more BB Creams. My obsession with BB cream and SaSa seems to know no bounds. This place is my playground!

SaSa ~does make life more beautiful. My favourite beauty shop in town!

SaSa really does make my life more beautiful!

It’s like a second home to me and I struggle to walk past a Sasa store anywhere in Asia without ducking in for a browse or a haul.

My love of Dr. G and Dr. Jart BB creams began eight years ago at SaSa KLCC when I asked a staff member what she was wearing on her flawless-looking skin. In fact, I loved her recommendation so much I bought her a bag of chocolates to thank her for sharing her secret.

My beloved Skinlite Exfoliating Foot Mask is also a SaSa BA recommendation and you all know how much I adore that.

Really, other brands should take note and follow suit because I think that listening to customers and establishing good rapport with your market is important these days to help gain loyalty. We’re spoiled for choice but having a knowledgeable and friendly beauty advisor at hand to navigate the dazzling array of cosmetics available makes a difference to me as a customer.

I had a great time at the SaSa ARTDECO launch event and even caught up with some of my beauty blogging friends there and am excited that ARTDECO has joined the local beauty scene via this exclusive collaboration with SaSa Malaysia. I can’t wait to add some new inserts into my refillable palette case.

sasa-logo[Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are my own based and based my experience of the event. The launch event photos are copyrighted to this blog and belong to me. Please contact me for permission if you wish to use any images. The ARTDECO & SaSa logos and brand images are from the ARTDECO & SaSa websites]



  1. Heyyy I was there too! Really love the products, tried some of them and got myself amazed the whole evening ^_^ Their packaging is lovely too! Love how we can customize our own eye shadow system as well.

  2. Hey ShopGirl, I’m not a big fan of makeup. I only wear them when I have to but I keep revisiting this post because of the pretty pictures you took during the event 🙂 lovely lovely shots!

  3. @Laura, thank you so much for your kind words – it means a lot to me coming from you! I hope we get to meet some time soon. I love your photography, I have so much to learn from you!

  4. @Mieza, unfortunately with so many people around I’m sad I didn’t get to get properly meet you but I do hope we get a chance to meet up at an event in the near future. Yes, I love the ARTDECO packaging – it’s very premium and the prices are very reasonable! I love the fact that I can choose colours too.

  5. You are so welcome for the nail lacquer! I love the colour you had anyway, so we both win! And your pictures truly are lovely, coupled with the wonderfully informative post! Have you tried the foundation?

  6. @Arpita, so nice to have someone like you to swap colour products with! I haven’t had a chance to try the foundation yet but I know I should use more powdered product being that my skin is oily but I keep going against the grain with my BB Creams. What’s your verdict?

  7. nice photos, ShopGirl ! can’t help but to laugh at myself when I read this “Word quickly spread that the dressing tables had such perfect lighting for taking Selfie shots.”

  8. Loved the post, the pictures and all the extra detailed information about SaSa… I’m also at the point that when I see a Sasa I just have to go in though I already know where everything is. But what makes them absolutely great is that they’re always surprising us with sales and swesome deals….

    So good to see you again the other day 🙂

  9. @Sharon, thanks for stopping by. I agree, SaSa have such amazing offers and they’re on sale again now! Love them! So good to catch up with you and hope to you again soon.

  10. @Swee San, thanks for your feedback. Yes, it was so funny how the dressing tables turned into the most popular place at the party. Don’t you just wish you could recreate that dressing table lighting back home?! I know the thought crossed my mind 😀

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