MUA Extraordinaire ~ Tal Peleg & Her Amazing Eye For Detail

On the best of days I struggle with basic eyeliner but when I saw how Israeli MUA and blogger, Tal Peleg, turns a simple eyelid into a work of art I was in complete awe of this lady’s creative talents.

Today’s post is a simple photo summary of this makeup artist’s work with eye shadows, liners and an eyelid as her canvas and the medium of her inspiration.

I simply love how she incorporates the brow and the pupil of the eye perfectly into each design.

What’s more, I believe she paints many of these designs on her own eye!

The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince

The Lorax

The Lorax

Snow White

Snow White

Sushi Eye

Sushi Eye

The Princess & the Pea

The Princess & the Pea (complete with a green-eyed Pea!)

Black Cat

Black Cat

Tal Peleg’s work was also recently featured on the Daily Mail UK.

It’s hard to choose just one design as I love them all but my favourite is The Frog Prince. I love how the brow is used perfectly as the Princess’ hair.

Which ‘eye’ do you like best?

Hop on on over to her website, blog and Facebook page to be inspired!
Tal Peleg’s website, Scarlet Moon & her Facebook page.

[Disclaimer: All photos are via and belong to Tal Peleg’s blog and facebook page.]



  1. @Arpita, to think how I struggle to do a straight line! I just love how she did The Frog Prince with the eyebrow as the hair for the princess.

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