Is this the HG Hand Cream for Dry Hands? Yes Nurse ~ Protect Your Lovely Hands Cream Review

Yes Nurse's Protect Your Lovely Hands

Yes Nurse ~ Protect Your Lovely Hands cream.

I’m currently knee deep in tubes of hand cream but up until now I haven’t been inspired to write about them in this blog until now. As far as beauty products go they really aren’t the glamorpusses of the skincare world. Hand creams are hand creams and I use them when I remember to (which happens to be less often than I should) and they almost always fall out of date before I manage to finish the tube.

For me they kind of fall into that droll area of skincare with soap bars and other similarly unexciting beauty goods and usually live out the remainder of their usefulness in one of my messy medicine drawers. That is, before I toss them out once and for all during a rare spring clean.

However, my recent purchase of The Lilac Box‘s Cult Box gave me the chance to try the Yes Nurse – Protect Your Lovely Hands cream and I’m really quite surprised by how much I like it that I think it warrants a review.

At first I was a bit hesitant to use it. The packaging turned me off. I know the little carton box with messy, quirky scribbles is meant to be sassy and cute but it really does not do this product any justice. What were they thinking?!

The cute

I think the quirky packaging detracts from how sophisticated and effective this product is.

To me the current box design is unnecessary and just shouts ‘pre-teen’. The immaturity of the packaging design somewhat overshadows how seriously good this product is and that’s a shame because this is actually a very effective hand cream that would really benefit adults.

I would suggest they repackage the product with a more grownup design in mind so that people can take this product more seriously. Or just do away with the outer box completely – the tube inside is alright enough even if it is a little dull.

I’m sorry for being a bit obsessively annoyed with the schizophrenic packaging – it just irks me that this cream can’t seem to decide if it wants to be 13 and fun or professional and dull. Either way, a packaging overhaul might do it a favour.

Inside the Box

Inside the Box: the packaging is too silly for its own good but the cream itself really is a sophisticated formula that is perfect for dry, weathered hands.

Now, I hear a lot of people talk about suffering from sweaty palms but I have the reverse and it’s a condition where I have absolutely zero sweat on my hands. This probably doesn’t sound like such a big deal but when you’ve suffered your whole life with this condition you’ll understand what it means to have sweat-less palms.

Chronically dry palms mean that there is no built-in moisture in the skin to protect the hands and sufferers of this condition are more prone to eczema of the hands which can be a very itchy, painful and unattractive skin problem. Imagine the equivalent of cracked heels and and Athelete’s foot-type itch on hands and you’ll understand what I mean. Gross, I know, but entirely possible.

Any type of cleaning and washing, with or without detergents, and if attempted without gloves dries out the hands faster and can result in unsightly and painful bubbles under the skin and peeling. At one point in my life it took my hands years to recover from a particularly bad bout of damage.

[The only upside of having dry palms for people like me is that, if properly managed, the condition means we can do a lot of handicraft work without having to worry about the issue of sweaty palms damaging our precious labour so we’re almost cut-out for handiwork-based professions where moisture is not desired.]

Now the problem I’ve had with most hand creams in the past is that most tend to be heavily and artificially scented and worst of all, greasy so post-application is always traumatic for me because things just slip and slide in my palms. These are impractical to use at work and the only time for applying a hand cream is before bed.

But I’ve been looking for a hand cream that I can apply during the day and to protect my hands when I am working or washing up and this Yes Nurse might just be that Holy Grail of hand creams.

You see, the Yes Nurse hand cream is a product that was born from the desperation of one person in the medical profession and was developed by pediatric nurse, Antonia Stevens, who personally needed a product that might not only soothe chemically ravaged and over-washed hands but also save them from ongoing daily damage during and between washes. This product was created from an intense passion by Ms. Stevens to save her own hands and the result is a formula that succeeds in preempting skin damage before and not after the fact.

In developing her hand cream formula, Nurse Stevens was looking for a protective barrier for her skin so that her hands could withstand the harsh conditions of frequent hand washing that was required of her daily in her hospital work.

Contains natural oils and extracts that soothe skin.

Contains natural oils and extracts that soothe skin. [Image via the Yes Nurse UK website]

It’s interesting to note that the ingredient list for this cream reads like a bowl of healthy, morning museli and sounds quite delicious.

The ingredient list

The ingredient list

According to the packaging box, Yes Nurse combines some of nature’s most soothing extracts – almond oil, pomegranate seed oil, passionfruit seed oil, active manuka honey, wheat germ oil, willow bark extract and aloe vera and marries these superfood ingredients together in a pure white cream.

I find that the cream smells slightly nutty with pleasant notes of natural almonds and honey. I like that it’s not at all a sickly fruity or floral paste like so many other hand creams before it but if you’re allergic to nuts you may want to avoid this product depending on the extent of your sensitivity.

Inside the tube

Inside the tube

A pea-sized amount squeezed onto the palm is adequate for two hands and rubbing it in provides an instant feeling of hydration minus any feelings of greasiness or tackiness. It really feels very comfortable and natural.

Personally, the Yes Nurse hand cream has been such a god sent product for my dry and sensitive hands and I’m so happy to finally discover a hand cream that I can use regularly during the day. I’ve used a slightly similar product from Rosken before but that was an all over moisturiser and not targeted to the hands so it was a little more slippery on the palms and smelled more like sorbolene.

And, if you happen to care, the bonus is that this cream is paraben-free 😉

No doubt, I expect this product will find a popular following among doctors, chefs, hairdressers or anyone else who needs some extra TLC for their hands.

The Yes Nurse~Protect Your Lovely Hands cream is a British product but is available locally online from The Love Jars web shop for Rm29.90/ 50ml.




  1. I had no idea people who had dry hands had it so bad. Sounds terribly uncomfortable and painful, but I adore the little tidbit about their career options!

    This is truly a lovely, fuss-free, very effective hand cream, and when I do remember to use the stuff, this is what I reach for these days, too!

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