Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted ~ Scented Lotion Review

I’m not usually a fan of celebrity fragrances but I couldn’t resist picking this up because one whiff and I knew I was in love.

The Campaign

Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted ~ the campaign that’s as pretty as a picture.

According to Taylor, “Wonderstruck Enchanted is the next chapter in the story of my Wonderstruck fragrance. Wonderstruck is about that moment when you instantly feel a connection to someone, but then there’s that feeling of being completely enamored — enchanted — when you know a little more about that someone and still feel that strong connection,” [via WWD]

Wonderstruck Enchanted ~ 200ml Body Lotion

Wonderstruck Enchanted ~ 200ml Body Lotion

Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted is a fragrance that is unabashedly feminine, fruity and delectable.

If you’re not one for sugary, gourmand-based scents then you should probably turn away at this point because Wonderstruck Enchanted is about as sweet as a fragrance can get without inciting a nest of ants to converge.

Wonderstruck Enchanted, is the sequel to the popular Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, and is brighter, a little more complex and juicier.

It’s a young scent but could also work for the young-at-heart and is such an engaging dessert-lover’s fragrance that your lover would be forgiven for wanting to lick your wrist or nibble at the nape of your neck.

The ingredients

The Ingredients

~Scent Family~

Oriental/ Gourmand

~Top Notes~
Passionfruit, Poppy, Wild Berries

~Middle Notes~
Peony, Sugar-glazed Champaca, Freesia

~Base Notes~
White Musk, Woody Notes, Vanilla

For me, the explosion of floral bouquets, and forest berries with passion fruit notes ends in a lightly woody vanilla that is one gorgeous ‘birthday cake’ of a scent.

Think cupcakes and berries dancing in a hail of glitter at a whimsical garden tea party. You get my drift.

I picked this up in a lotion, incidentally my first fragrance lotion and now I am wondering why I hadn’t discovered perfumed body lotions sooner. I found the application in this low sillage-form to be more measured than with a spritzer; it’s perfect and eliminates the possibility of drowning myself in the scent.

Naturally, you shouldn’t expect as much longevity from a scented lotion as compared with an EDP or even an EDT but there is a distinctly more subtle diffusion of the scent this way that seems to suit this fragrance well.

It has always been a pet peeve of mine when men or women drench themselves in their fragrances to an extent where the scent trail precedes their entry and delays their exit. In fact, it can be a downright overwhelming experience to bystanders who lie in the overhang of any tremendously thick scent trail.

So yes, when it comes to fragrances less can be more and with heavily gourmand perfumes such as this, I am inclined to think that a lighter application is more favourable than an overly rich and heavy douse of Eau de Parfum.

The Wonderstruck Enchanted bottle

The Wonderstruck Enchanted EDP

In the EDP, the bottle of the Wonderstruck Enchanted is a perfect mirror of the original, Wonderstruck, this time coloured in a gorgeous crimson red with rustic golden accents. Charms around the neck of the bottle include a bird, a flower, a leaf and a sparkling crystal. It’s adorable and I would buy it for the bottle alone.

It’s a happy scent and I wear it on my days away from work and when I require something less serious and slightly more whimsical.

Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted is not for everyone but it is a firm favourite of mine and makes me think happily of sugar-dusted flower petals and plump forest fruits. I want to throw on my fanciest dress, hang about a greenhouse and nibble on berry scones all afternoon too!

Sweet dreams!

The fragrance is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum, 10 ml rollerball and 200 ml body lotion.

Wonderstruck Enchanted was launched in 2012 by Taylor Swift with the House of Elizabeth Arden.

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  1. The packaging on these is gorgeous, and you’re so right! They would be worth buying just for the packaging. And I completely agree with you on people who overdo it. Those around you should want to move closer to get a better sniff of what’s on you, as opposed to choking on the scent wafting off your drenched torso. Unfortunately, the scent is too sweet for me.

  2. @Arpita…Yes, I would purchase a fragrance because I love the bottle more than the scent. I agree, these very sweet scents are not for everyone but for those who are like me and like to have our cake and wear it, then they are perfect. Even then, I can’t wear this all the time.

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