Nuxe Brightening BB Cream ~ A Rare Formula Fail?

I’ve been ambivalent about writing this post mainly because it is about a brand I happen to love but about a product that I really do dislike.

This Brightening BB Cream from Nuxe was a deluxe sample I received in my Cosmobox July 2013 edition and I think it takes pride of place as one of the most hateful samples I have ever received in a beauty box.

A Mug Shot

A Mug Shot

First and foremost, I find the scent intolerable. I’m no scent-Nazi and have a fairly high threshold of scent or stench tolerance but this is impossible for me to come to terms with.  It makes my nose wrinkle and my eyes water because it smells so very heavily of chemicals and melted plastic and the smell does not evaporate on contact with the skin or air. It just lingers.

It’s so unlike Nuxe to release a product scented like this that it makes me wonder if I was unfortunate enough to be the only one to get a unit that has gone bad.

I’ve never come across a Nuxe BB Cream before this so I don’t know if this is the norm for the Nuxe BB or just a singular incident of a bad tube. Please let me know if you have this product and yours smells divine because mine is Bad with a capital B. I will publicly apologise on this blog for my ignorant claim regarding its scent if you can prove me wrong.

Interestingly, my previous scent encounters with Nuxe have always been delightfully ‘champagne and roses’ but this BB cream just smells plainly noxious to me. I can’t stand the smell at all so it’s next to impossible to apply to the face where I will have to tolerate it all day.

My second gripe with this product is the colour. It’s undeniably and inexplicably yellow-hued. In fact, it’s very likely the yellowest BB Cream I have ever seen.

To give you an idea of how yellow-orange it is, I’ve hijacked the arm of a nice unsuspecting gentleman and slathered this arm with a small sampling of some of the other BB creams in my possession for comparison.

Nuxe vs the Asian BB Creams

Nuxe vs The Asian BB Creams

The Nuxe BB comes in only one shade and the information on the packaging indicates that it suits all skin types but I find this hard to believe given what I am about to say.

Egg Yolk Yellow

Shade: Oompa Loompa

This Nuxe Brightening Balm is really more of an egg yolk-yellow than a neutral beige and nowhere even near as pretty as a sunset. I know that sometimes some yellow or green in a concealer or foundation product helps to offset redness and warm the skin like a bronzer but this is not what this does.

It also wouldn’t be so bad if it were one of those transformational balms that blends like magic irrespective of its in-the-tube shade to reveal a lovely natural coverage but I assure you, this isn’t one of those clever products either.

Blending doesn't help

A rare situation where ‘No BB’ is better than ‘With BB’

The Nuxe Brightening BB Cream sits on my skin like a manila envelope and is as impossible to blend into the skin as one.

I cannot wear this on my skin without looking jaundiced and in need of a kidney transplant.

I’m Asian and not even this yellow-toned so I don’t know how this product will work on anyone but an Oompa Loompa.




It does not suit me at all but brings out my sallowness to a point of no return. This is not a BB Cream – it’s really more of a face paint if you are fair and Minion-yellow is the look of the day.

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that this BB cream might possibly work for someone of a darker skin tone but I haven’t got any one around me to test this theory on and I’m done with hijacking for the day.

My final complaint is with the texture. It lays on thick. Like putty. Hence, my manila envelope analogy because it takes forever to blend and no amount of blending with fingers or a brush transforms it into anything close to a wearable shade on my skin. It remains yellow-orange on me and somewhat obnoxiously so.

I just don’t understand how Nuxe could go so wrong with a BB cream.

I am not sure what more I can say about this product. It’s a completely unexpected conclusion for me as I have many Nuxe products which happen to be great and Nuxe has recently found its way into the local beauty nomenclature as being delightfully French, reasonably high-end and good for the skin but this is a complete enigma.

The French Nuxe has managed to establish itself globally as a solid brand for cosmetic and skincare with many products falling under the esteemed French pharmacy flock but this is indeed a faux pas and completely uncharacteristic of Nuxe.

Really, about the only good thing I can say about this BB cream is that it is apparently SPF30 so at least it gives some sun protection.

It appears that Nuxe still has much to learn about making a BB cream from some of the best brands in Asia.

As it were, I remain adamant that only Asian-made BB creams are still where I will bet my last dollar and, until I discover one that can challenge this belief, I’m going to source my BB cream needs regionally.

I’m afraid this Nuxe product is not for me and I truly hope this is the only thing I will ever dislike from Nuxe.

But please, don’t let my review turn you away from Nuxe’s bevy of other beauties because they really do have some wonderfully effective and gorgeously-scented skincare but it is unfortunate that this product does not do the family name proud.

For me, the Nuxe BB Cream is the Nuxe family black sheep.

You can find out more at -:

Nuxe Malaysia

Nuxe Paris




  1. Just read your blog and went raiding my NUXE samples stash. I totally agree with you regarding the Smell, colour and texture of the BB cream. I tried the 2 tubes on my hands and The smell is most unpleasant, strong chemical maybe plastic component? YUCKS, like you say this is something I won’t put on my face maybe on my toes where the smell or stench is not too strong for my nose.

  2. @Linda, hi! Well, but for the sallowness of them, your toes will be the most indulged toes in town. This is the first I have heard of BB cream application on the toes (and a French BB at that!) but yes, this might be a better idea than tossing the whole tube out 🙂

  3. Omg! I was a little sad when I found a tube of Nuxe’s Brightening cleanser instead of BB Cream in my CosmoBox, but now I see that it was a blessing in disguise. I’m a little saddened by this, but with the French making such amazing skin care, maybe they just don’t need things like BB Cream so they fail at it. Let’s just call this the anti-evil eye product in their stash.

  4. @Arpita, the cleanser is definitely the better product of the two so it was in fact your lucky day. This is by far the most unfortunate BB I have ever come across. It doesn’t suit me at all. I shudder at the thought of the scent.
    I agree, I know a lot of French women and they are often as chic as we all imagine but very ‘au naturel’ and don’t wear much coverage at all so maybe it’s because they value good skin above faking it. I do hear that Chanel makes some good foundation products though.

  5. @Gadis, you’re welcome and thanks for stopping by 🙂
    I generally never buy a BB/CC or foundation product without first swatching it on my skin at the stores but this was a sample.

  6. I have a tube of this BB Cream too, from May Bag of Love. At first I loved it, I dunno why but I felt like it worked on my skin. But then I came to realize that the smell is terrible. And then I realize another thing, it made my complexion look a bit plastic-y too. I remember how perfect it looked on me when I first got it. Maybe my skin tone has changed now? Too bad coz I used to love it (minus the smell) =_=”

  7. @Amirah, I agree with you, our skin does change and we do need to change our makeup and skincare at different times in our life.
    Fashions and trends change so frequently too and what was popular and fine before might not work down the track and appear dated. I’m still not fond of this BB cream because of all of the above but if they can do something about the smell, offer a more neutral shade and fix the texture then I just might reconsider. Never say never! I like to give second chances.

  8. hello, i unfortunately bought it thinking that Nuxe could do no wrong. boy was i disappointed. in fact like you i thought that my tube had somehow gone bad, so i googled it and stumbled on your reviews. now i have put your blog on my fav list and will never buy without first researching the product here. your reviews are spot on. thanx for the help to all the clueless beauty product consumers like me. 🙂 greating and much love from morocco

  9. @ Sanaa, hello to you all the way in Morocco! Thank you for all your sweet compliments too.
    I was genuinely let down by my tube of this product and was baffled because Nuxe generally produces some fantastic beauty formulas but I guess in life we all have our hits and misses.
    I am a fan of the Korean BB creams and find they work quite wonderfully and, with some minor exceptions, quite universally too. You might want to look into brands like Dr. G and Dr. Jart for a BB Cream. I have been using these brands for years. Which reminds me, I should get around to reviewing these on the blog too.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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