Bag of Love October 2013 ~ Bag of Lice Halloween Edition

Bag of Love‘s Halloween-inspired bag was a wicked edition of tricks and treats this October.

Mi Mi, the Good Witch

Mi Mi, the Good Witch

A glow-in-the-dark nail polish was this month’s novel inclusion and I am going to be the first to admit, I wanted to play with this before anything else.

Splassh Glow-in-the-Dark Nail Polish

Splassh Glow-in-the-Dark Nail Polish RM3.90 (Full Sized)

I pretty much tossed all the other samples aside until I had painted my nails with the Splassh nail polish in green. Green has never been my colour but I made an exception this time – glow green is special.
Trust me, everything is better when it glows or has glitter in it.

Looks green but applies almost transparent.

Looks bright green in the bottle but applies like a transparent topcoat; albeit one with a green tinge.

The Splassh polish goes on transparent but leaves a very faint green cast on each nail that just makes my hands look ill but who cares, it’s the glow that matters.

Then, as you would, I turned off the lights. Nothing. No glow. Not even the faintest tease of a glow! This was after three coats.
Disappointed, I put it aside.

But what do you know, my disappointment was premature. I found out later that night that it really does glow!

The payoff comes at bedtime and when all the lights are out. For some reason, it takes some time to soak up all the light energy in the surrounds and then, when you really are in complete darkness, all you will see is spooky green fingernails floating in space.
Just don’t expect the glow to appear as bright as a light. It’s a spooky, subtle, sinister glow that actually appears more ghastly as a result – very Halloween.

It’s also very distracting because I could not fall asleep for want of making my nails dance in the dark. This brings out the inner child in me. If you share your bed with someone then I am sure that this will annoy them to no end which is exactly what love is about, right?

The other clever treat in this month’s bag came in the form of a CC Cream. CC Cream is the slick cousin of BB Cream.

This is magical!

Pure wizardry – this CC Cream changes colour to match most skin tones! 30ml@49.90

CC Cream is essentially a next generation skin coverage product that takes all the fantastic skin-protecting and enhancing qualities of BB Cream and goes further by correcting the colour of your skin tone and giving improved coverage. It’s more sophisticated at masking imperfections, balancing out skin tone and brightening up the complexion but still not as heavy as standard foundations.

Bag of Love gave all subscribers this full-sized Nanowhite CC Cream in Light Beige and the final shade is perfect for me.

I love BB Cream and prefer it to using regular foundations because it’s great as an all-in-one product but this was my virgin CC Cream and I was really fascinated by it.

There’s some clever alchemy at work from this little tube.
Here’s why…

Goes on white...

Goes on white…

...blends into beige!

…blends into beige! I was so dazzled by this I couldn’t even focus my camera.

It goes on white but as you blend it with a brush or finger, tiny little micro spores (?) of beige colouring are released from capsules apparently embedded in the formula and the cream comes closer to a natural human skintone with each swipe.

The amazing thing is that these capsules of colour are not visible nor are they granular and do not affect the texture of the cream in any way. In fact, it’s a nice, lightweight, smooth formula that isn’t grainy at all and feels gentle and comfortable on application.

The scent is also gentle and pleasing and I think this is very important as some skin creams can smell vile.

I don’t know how it’s done but it’s pretty innovative stuff and I know that not all CC Creams do this. I’ve swatched some CC Creams at the stores but they were all more straightforward and already beige.

The Nanowhite CC Cream, on the other hand, changes right before your very eyes. It’s really quite magical and has to be seen to be believed. I love it!

I love the colour of it and I love how it really is very cutting edge at getting to the final colour on my skin.

The Nanowhite CC Cream boasts an impressive colour-altering technology. I'm fascinated.

The Nanowhite CC Cream boasts an impressive transformational technology. I’m fascinated.

For me, the prize subscription goodie in this month’s bag was the Definite Smudger Pencil Brush for the eyes. Worth much more than the price of the whole bag, this was the deal maker for me. I love makeup brushes and this is quite a find as it’s sturdy, well-made and, as the lovable Shopaholics Anonymous mentioned on her blog, may even be a dupe for the MAC 219.

Definite Smudger Pencil Brush RM69

Definite Smudger Pencil Brush @RM69

I have a multitude of face brushes but don’t own a lot of eye brushes because I just don’t wear a lot of eye makeup. I don’t have a MAC 219 but in my opinion, anything that might possibly dupe MAC is worth a serious look-in.

The MAC 219

The MAC 219

MAC brushes still cost a small fortune compared with most brands and many are saying that the newer editions of the MAC classics are compromised in quality from their forebears. This insight has made it the priority of every self-respecting brush lover in the world to want to dupe the entire MAC collection with anything and everything under the sun.
I don’t know. What do you think? Is the Definite close enough?

There’s not a lot online about Definite makeup brushes and I believe it is a Malaysian brand but it seems not to be available anywhere but exclusively through the Bag of Love subscriptions.

The Definite Pencil Brush - a closer look

The Definite Pencil Brush – a closer look

I’m not complaining – the brushes are better than average and feel good on the skin. I missed out on a couple of the earlier brushes (two face brushes) but I have a foundation paddle brush from the May edition and this is my second Definite brush. I really like it and perhaps it is about time I start investing in some more eye brushes.

I have a few basic blender brushes but this is my first pencil brush and I’m now wondering why it took me so long to get one. I can immediately see that there is going to be more control from this brush thanks to its bullet-shaped brush head and will be just right for my very small eye crease and the corners of my eyes.

The next item from the October bag made me a little sad because it made me face what I have tried not to think about for a number of years.

Collistar Anticellulite Cream - confront you worst fears and banish them?

Collistar Anticellulite Cream – Deluxe Sample @RM32/ 200ml@RM185 (Full Size)

All subscribers received a deluxe sample of Collistar Anti-Cellulite Concentrate and I was forced to confront something that I’ve been blocking from my mind because ignorance is bliss.

I want to say I don’t need this but it would be akin to burying my head in sand but waving my cottage cheese-laden butt in the air.

Seriously, I want to not need this but old Orange Peel and I go way back. We’re like BFFs. Two peas in a bod.

Forgive me for not wanting to look at my ‘cellulitey’ bits all day and assessing their potential but I really can’t gauge how badly I need this – I’ve been ignoring this part of my identity for so long that I’m inclined to believe it doesn’t exist, but who am I kidding?!

I’m going to have to close my eyes and apply this. Can’t. Bear. To. Look.

The last two samples in the October bag were deluxe hair products for bad hair. It’s remarkable how Bag of Love is always so intuitive to my specific needs. Love.

Wella System Professional Shampoo and Mask for Damaged Hair.

Wella System Professional Shampoo and Mask for Damaged Hair. Full sizes come in at RM72/ RM109, respectively. The samples are about RM8 and RM16 in value.

Two Wella Professional products. A System Professional Repair Shampoo for damaged hair and a System Professional Repair Mask to tame the same.

This is a huge improvement on all the L’Oreal Liss Ultime samples that have been showing up all year long in the various subscription packages.

Poor L’Oreal, bless them for being so generous with their Liss Ultime but we, who are subscribed to every beauty sample service under the sun, are so very, very tired of Liss Ultime hogging all the sample slots in our boxes and bags.

We need more spice in our life so stop being the shampoo equivalent of the Cable Guy!  I’m sorry but please go away and let another sample have its day.

I’m really happy with the change-up. The Clairol Colour Radiance samples from an earlier edition of Bag of Love were great even on my undyed hair. I hope things work out with these new samples.

I keep most of my beauty subscription shampoo samples for travel as they are the perfect size for living out of a suitcase.

The Bag of Love October

The Bag of Love October

Bag of Love always makes me feel so pampered and loved. I feel like a big kid in the best candy store in town only this candy store gives me calorie-free beauty treats every month. It’s such an event when the next bag comes in but even when that’s in the hand, I feel fat and greedy for more treats. I’m in – hook, line and sinker.

This month’s edition of Bag of Love even gave me the bag to fit the part of the big kid. It was an adorable Halloween-inspired Jack O’ Lantern drawstring pouch that would be completely cute for trick-or-treating.

Perfect for cosmetics. Not big enough for candy.

Perfect for cosmetics. Not big enough for candy, I’m afraid.

But both you and I know that it is way too small for any serious candy extortion.

A proper trick-or-treating bag needs to be at least ten to fifteen times bigger. In fact, we shall need a sack for maximum effect.

  So, how about an up-sized version for next Halloween, Bag of Love? I would welcome an equally proportionate number of samples to go with the upgrade but I don’t want to push my luck.

Oh by the way, as you can see, it wasn’t L-O-V-E this month. It was Bag of LICE – for Halloween, of course!

Only Bag of Love could pull this off.

Every other beauty box has to play at being posh and pretty and glamourous.

You, Bag of Love, are wickedly lovable – and can get away with whatever you please. Just keep on doing what ever it is you’re doing.

It’s working.

Bag of Love

Bag of Love Facebook

Click Here to go to the official Bag of Love Website

Click Here to go to the official Bag of Love Website

[Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or sponsored by Bag of Love or any associated brands mentioned here. All links are for informational purposes only and not affiliate links. The opinions expressed here are my own. Consider at your own risk]



  1. Actually Wella System Professional has been making lots of appearance before Liss Ultime came along. So for early adopters, we are now back to the cycle 😦

  2. LOL, no kidding! That’s so funny. Speaking of which, I think I did see this in passing among my Vanity Trove selections. I was a late bloomer and too busy lusting after Birchbox and Glossybox in the US to notice we had beauty boxes here until 6 months into the game but boy, am I catching up.

  3. Can you imagine that I went for a random insurance thing a couple of weeks back and got ANOTHER Liss Ultime Shampoo?! And this was right after I got rid of my stash!
    I’m so jealous you got a repair mask! Do let me know how it is!
    As for the Definite brush, I was wondering if it was just mine, but yours looks similar. It works fabulously, but it isn’t as densely packed as MAC’s 219. And MAC’s brushes have definitely slipped in the last year or so. It makes me nostalgic and sad because the need for alternatives is definitely becoming more apparent. This really a good dupe though except for a slight difference in density. I’m all too pleased with it! No one talks about Sephora brushes either, but they are really quite fantastic, and a fraction of the cost of MAC’s! Especially their new “Precision” line.

  4. @Arpita, That’s so funny. I do believe the Liss Ultime is stalking you! I didn’t expect the Definite to be an absolute dead ringer for MAC219 but it’s a great deal to be able to snare a brush of this quality at what is essentially a steal in a beauty subscription. It helps that it is quite MAC-ish. I wouldn’t have picked up a brush like this otherwise because smudging just makes me panda-eyed but now that I have one – well, maybe Panda is the new black.
    Regarding Sephora’s brushes, I think it’s because they are a bit hit & miss and the price point isn’t always satisfactory given that it is a bit of a gamble but I will be looking at this new Precision line. Thanks for the reference. Mad about brushes, I am.

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