Cosmobox August 2013 ~ or The Accidental Swan Song Edition

This month saw the curtains come down for one of the country’s premier subscription beauty services, Box Culture’s Cosmobox.

Curtain call...



While they are not the first casualty of the local beauty box business, many did not see this coming.

Perhaps the biggest hint of changes to come was when Cosmobox announced an unusual interruption to the usual monthly subscription schedule for September & October citing what was meant to be a gearing up for a November Anniversary super-edition.

For a fleeting moment, I did suspect something slightly amiss when along with this Anniversary Box announcement came the news that refunds were to be forthcoming on all existing subscriptions and that new subscription options would be temporarily suspended.

At the time, I optimistically put it down to a common restructuring or rebranding exercise that often occurs among the various beauty box brands.

As it turns out, my sixth sense was right. Instead of sending us an update for the mega-Anniversary edition, Cosmobox officially announced their closure by email and on Facebook last week.

I am going to admit that I’ve been left rather melancholic and crestfallen by this piece of news. It’s never nice to see something that was pretty great (and with the potential to be fantastic) bite the dust.

I’ve always hated final goodbyes.

Please forgive me if you find that I am not my usual self. I’m actually quite sad.

I'll Miss You

I’ll Miss You…Cosmobox…


So, it is with my share of a heavy heart that I recap the contents of the final Cosmobox (the August Edition) and bid farewell to one of the classier beauty box productions this country’s beauty addicts has seen. Little did I know that this edition would be the swan song of Cosmobox but as it were, this was a stellar end to the affair and I only have good things to say about their last curated box which I happened to enjoy immensely.

So, rather than a look forward…this is a look back at Cosmobox’s last edition with my overdue review of the August Cosmobox.

One of the main reasons Cosmobox was so popular

Cosmobox’s premium packaging put their presentation above their rivals.

The smart and cosmopolitan packaging was one of the many reasons Cosmobox fans subscribed to this beauty box.  No expense was spared to produce the sturdy and sophisticated all-white box and beautiful box wrap.

One of Cosmobox’s founders, Lee Yen is an interior designer by trade and her artistic eye is translated here in what I always felt was the best-looking packaging in the beauty box market. This was a winning design loved by many beauty box subscribers.


An introduction to BeGood Handmade Beauty Products & their delightful artisan-style packaging.

This handmade scrub and balm set from Be Good came in an Afternoon Tea flavour with a true-to-life scent of sweet Earl Grey tea notes. This was one of my favourite samples in this month’s Cosmobox. I love artisan brands with products born out of passion and love!

The Be Good scrub is handmade from genuine coarse sugar crystals and the balm is a soothing cake of fragrant tea-scented beeswax.

Made locally by the lovely people at Be Good, these samples smell like heavenly cups of tea and seem almost good enough to eat. I’m not usually a fan of tart tea scents but this Afternoon Tea set by Be Good has convinced me otherwise that tea can be a wonderfully aromatic addition to beauty products.

The Be Good folks also make their products in other ‘flavours’ and this is the menu of their range.

The Be Good Menu

The Be Good Menu


Bio-Essence Nourishing Foaming Cleanser

A deluxe sample of the Bio-Essence Nourishing Foaming Cleanser with Royal Jelly and ATP was also in this month’s Cosmobox.

This Bio-Essence cleanser contains royal jelly to nourish and smooth the skin.

If you’re not sure what Royal Jelly is, it is actually the secretion by worker honey bees of a highly nutritious substance that is fed to bee larvae in the first few days of its life cycle.

Royal Jelly is also the same substance that is fed in more copious quantities and for a longer period of time to select larvae in order to kickstart the process that will produce a queen bee. The larvae being fed royal jelly for the purpose of producing a queen are fed more royal jelly than it consumes. Humans extract this valuable substance from the hive for use in health and beauty products but it takes approximately 5-6 months to produce only 500g of royal jelly and this is provided the hive is healthy and well-managed.

It is believed that royal jelly has unique anti-ageing and antibiotic properties being that it is a nutritious supplement for tender bee larvae and is particularly essential to producing the alpha Queen Bee. Apparently the wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals it contains can actually be beneficial to humans too.

This Bio-Essence cleanser also contains Adenosine triphosphate (or ATP) which is apparently an energy-carrying molecule meant to keep the cells of living things alive, healthy and functioning. It is also believed to modulate inflammation and as such has anti-irritant qualities.

What this means in plain beauty speak is that the Bio-Essence Nourishing Foamy Cleanser will be a soothing formula that will clean and purify your skin with nourishing natural minerals that won’t strip or inflame your skin.

However, because this product contains natural ingredients made by bees I would advise those who have known allergies to bees or honey to take caution and perhaps avoid using this cleanser.

Nano Toner

Beautymate Nano Toner

The Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner in the August box was a full retail size that is RM49.90 for 120ml. This item alone was worth more than the subscription price of a Cosmobox and represented fantastic value for the August box.

In the beauty world, toners are often fantastic for controlling oil and keeping skin moisturised. I find that regular use of toners also help keep blemishes and break outs at bay. I’m very pleased with this product because I’ve previously missed out on it when it appeared in other subscription boxes.



COVO is a homegrown cosmetics brand who also sell beauty tools for the face. This handy travel-sized lash curler is adorably cute and a welcome addition for my beauty purse. I love collecting beauty tools!

Speaking of tools, the August box also came with an angled brow brush and a makeup sponge that was a complimentary add-on by the girls at Cosmobox so this August edition has turned out to be quite a complete primping package for subscribers.


An angled brush is perfect for eyebrows.

I’m very happy with it and I think the August edition was a very decent final collection for Cosmobox.

And so we part as friends.

Goodbye Cosmobox

Goodbye Cosmobox

Cosmobox, you’re gone but not forgotten.

Thank for you for the good times and thank you for giving us one of the prettiest boxes in town and so many lovely samples to boot.



The Cosmobox was RM33 per monthly box.

[ Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Cosmobox or Box Culture. This beauty box was paid for and reviewed by me and the opinions expressed herein are my own and of a nature arising from my personal experience of it . Consider at your own risk]



  1. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that there’s always a mini-science lesson in your posts. It makes me very happy!

    You should have told me you missed out on the toner because I have 3 in my possession from various boxes.

    After reading your post, I’ve become sad about their departure all over again. Hopefully there are other plans in this line in the works for them.

  2. @Arpita, very sorry…it felt apt to say goodbye. I hope this doesn’t mean the end for those girls completely and hope they will consider something else too. Such a shame 😦

  3. Farewells are never easy but needless to say both Leeyen & Sze Yoong did a great job while it lasted. Definitely missed but never forgotten… CosmoBox was one of Malaysia’s better beauty boxes and it’s sad to see that they’ve decided to pull the curtain down without one final hurrah

  4. @Sharon, well there were some good times and yes, Cosmobox was one of the better boxes. I loved reading your post on the Cosmobox/ Cupcake Chic party. You were the one who got me into Cosmobox in the first place so at least I got to ‘meet’ you, Sharon!

  5. before i subscribe beauty box, i did a little bit research for all beauty box in Malaysia. And the outcome, Cosmobox totally out of my list of subscription . Fortunately i totally satisfied with Bag of love and the lilac box ..

  6. @Gadis, I love Bag of Love & TLB too! I am not so sure about the others but I did like Cosmobox even if it was hit & miss sometimes. The price was good at RM33.

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