Bag of Love September 2013 – ‘Take Me There’ Edition & a Mini FB Giveaway

I am one of those people who can’t wait to see each month’s Bag of Love design – I love novelty and for me the bag design is one of the most intriguing parts of the Bag of Love surprise.

Each pouch design is specially selected by Bag of Love for the month and cleverly sets the tone for each edition’s unique lineup of beauty goods. Part of the joy of my Bag of Love subscription is collecting the bags to store my hoard. My beauty stash just breeds like rabbits and I need some way to organise all my bunnies.

Par Avion

Par Avion

A lovely transparent Par Avion motif sets the tone for this month’s offerings and I’m thrilled with the adorable envelope design.

The Bag

The September Bag ~ a novel start to a travel-inspired selection of goodies.

I have no idea where the fabulous Mi Mi scouts her bag designs from but I have never seen the same designs for sale in the malls. I think most of the pouches are custom made for Bag of Love because they often have the brand’s logo on them.

Unbagging now…

CK Eternity Aqua Rollerball 6ml

CK Eternity Aqua ~ the exclusive rollerball design is not available locally.

CK Eternity Aqua ~ the exclusive rollerball design is not available locally.

It’s wickedly satisfying to think that this is not available in Malaysia and that only a clutch of girls have this and that we are all Bag of Love subscribers. Tres uniques!

The benefits of being a ‘Bag of Lover’ is that sometimes we get cool things that aren’t even available on the market.

This is a generous fragrance sample and about five to six times the size of the usual 1ml sample vials. It’s also the real deal from CK and not some tawdry backyard lab knockoff from Petaling Street.

Fresh and inviting, floral yet light, CK Eternity Aqua is a modern and refreshing daytime fragrance in a handy rollerball dispenser that’s still small enough to conform with hand luggage restrictions.

Swissline Force Aqua Vitale Cream 50ml

Swiss skincare is synonymous with quality and purity.

Swiss skincare is synonymous with quality and purity.

If you ever doubted Bag of Love’s value, a full-sized jar of this Swissline cream retails at a pricey RM358 making this deluxe sample already worth more than the subscription fee for the Bag of Love.

I can’t help but think of snow-capped Swiss peaks when I look at this. In fact, is it my imagination or do the hills actually feel alive now? I am almost inspired to belt out a tune with arms outstretched because all I can think of when I look at this is the clean mountain goodness that Switzerland is famous for.

I hope this means that it is something divine and liberating for my skin and that I am not just overthinking things with my overactive mind.

O’Slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III 100ml

Curiously multi-functional

Curiously multi-functional ~ I believe you but I hope you aren’t biting off more than you can chew.

This O’Slee deluxe sample is a generous 100ml and is an ambitious multi-use product that apparently acts impressively as a toner, base and body lotion. This came in Bag of Love in a customised deluxe sample size packed exclusively for Bag of Love subscribers.

It’s watery, clear and rather unassuming but apparently a Korean bestseller. If this O’Slee formula is as clever as it says, then it makes it an ultra-handy product for travel as it effectively negates the necessity of carrying all these skincare items separately.

I am very intrigued with how multi-functional this product claims to be. A very ambitious product that I hope will live up to its extraordinary boast.

The Olay Regenerist Serum 10ml



This is one of the latest products in Olay’s stable of beauty products and has already won popular acclaim for its efficacy in reducing visible signs of ageing.

Thankfully, I don’t have as many wrinkles as I probably should but I would never look a gifthorse in the mouth and turn away from any product that claims to be an arch-nemesis of ageing skin and wrinkles. An enemy of my enemy is my friend.

RVB Skinlab Diago Dalla Palma Purifying Clay Mask

A creamy Italian Clay Mask

Amore? Maybe..if you are a decent grease monkey and can get the job done.

This brand is new to me and an Italian import.

Isn’t it funny how Made in Italy immediately adds a certain level of prestige to a product here in Asia? Those Italians have their branding down to pat.

This Bag of Love sample is a sachet and contains a portion for one mask treatment – possibly two if you are frugal…or have a small face or are good at scraping sachets.

What I’ve found is that clay masks tend to be suitable for detoxifying and purifying skin and are generally better suited to oily or combination skins as the natural clay component aids in drawing out oil from the skin and imparting nourishing minerals to calm inflamed, congested and acne-prone areas.

Fortunately, I’m not hugely acne-prone (touchwood!) but it looks like I’m tethered to this oily skin of mine for life so if this mask blesses me with a shine-free moment or two then we could become fast friends. Perhaps love.

It’s on the higher end of the pricing scale as far as single-use beauty masks go and is worth RM29.90 for the sachet.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Shimmer Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

The shiny gold cousin of the the Nuxe Huile

The sexy gold cousin of the original Nuxe Huile oil.

I already have the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse regular oil but this is my first encounter with the shimmery, liquid gold version of that.
This formula is very ‘Bond Girl’ and even more gorgeous and sexy than its cousin; a sophisticated little thing who already makes me think of champagne.

Suspended in this rich oil’s base are shimmery gold particles and swirls that wink seductively at you from within the bottle – it’s like liquid gold blowing you a kiss. Shake it and see it dance disco.

Like its simpler cousin, this oil is suitable for use on the face, hair and body. Application of the oil imparts an ever so slight shimmer to skin and hair. It’s a silky and luxurious concoction but perhaps best to go easy with on the face for daytime application as the 24 Karat shine isn’t for all occasions.

Beautiful Travels with the Bag of Love September.

Beautiful Travels with the Bag of Love September.

So there we have it, a glorious selection of wanderlust-happy beauty goodies that inspire visions of suitcases, mountains, airplanes, and places far away and makes for a perfect little kit of travel-friendly items for a vacation; real or imagined.

I really love this edition of Bag of Love because it’s all about getting comfortable in my skin.


A little bit more about Bag of Love…

The thing about a Bag of Love subscription is that it really is quite a month-long string of experiences that begins as soon as MiMi teasingly releases a clue or preview of her next bag design. It’s a game her subscribers have come to expect and enjoy.

In good humour, ‘Bag of Lovers’ gather on the official Bag of Love Facebook page for what is fast becoming an adorable little community of beauty addicts and it is here that we plead, cajole and flatter Mi Mi for juicy clues to Bag of Love’s next bag.

Pilot Mi Mi

Mi Mi wears many hats. Here Pilot Mi Mi gets ready to launch the September travel-themed bag

I’m going to warn you, the Bag of Love’s facebook page is freakishly addictive because it’s also here that subscribers get clued in on what promotions and giveaways are currently happening for ‘Bag of Lovers’.

Mi Mi personally interacts on Facebook to respond to subscriber queries, ideas, concerns and love and she actually listens and answers in as timely a fashion as humanly possible. She’s really there! You can even say hi to her if it makes your day.

I’ve never actually met Mi Mi in person but one gets the impression that she’s not only a very passionate and engaging founding figure but also an extremely hands-on and inventive business woman.

I don’t know how she does it – because between just her and the mysterious Miss A and who knows who else – there must be truckloads of work in bringing Bag of Love to our doors. I suspect we outsiders really don’t even know the half of it!

There’s all that unavoidable packing of the bags for one thing.

And then there’s the very sensitive, high-level and serious concern of liaising with the beauty companies to secure the best samples and best deals for Bag of Love’s subscribers. That can’t be easy.

Bag of Love must have an army of Minion-like Mi Mis to undertake all the tasks necessary to bring this wonderful beauty service to us because if they don’t, they deserve the biggest trophy available. It just seems so physically impossible to coordinate the mammoth job of running a beauty subscription between this small team…yet it’s done, and done well to boot! Quite impressive.

However she does it, Mi Mi and her Bag of Love, are a powerhouse and I bow to her and thank her for consistently making my beauty sample wishes come true and enabling her bags to be such an affordable joy to me every month.

And let it be known that Bag of Love is not just a beauty subscription – it’s an experience that extends beyond the bag -if you let it.

BOL Goodies

A pretty and romantic getaway with the Bag of Love September.

Bag of Love run a wonderful array of mini contests each month on their Facebook page and subscribers have the chance to win full-sized versions of the samples featured in the previous bag’s selections by leaving a creative comment at the relevant post.

On top of these regular mini contests, Bag of Love have also given away amazing things like a chance to meet THE Anna Sui in person, the latest products from top international beauty brands, collector’s editions of fragrances, discount vouchers for treats and even hosted some exclusive Bag of Love events.

Don’t mistake me, I’m not paid to say any of these things. Not at all.

My interaction with Bag of Love is as a satisfied subscriber who continues to be delighted, awed, fascinated and bewitched by the cutest little beauty subscription in town.

I am not affiliated with or sponsored by the Bag of Love nor have I even met Mi Mi – but I did see a picture of her once in a magazine and she looks like a Korean movie star and is incidentally as gorgeous as she is passionate.

Now, if you’re interested in getting some love in a bag of your own…click on the logo here.

Click Here to go to Bag of Love

Click Here to go to Bag of Love

Bag of Love Facebook

RM39.90 a month for Peninsular Malaysia ( add RM8 for shipping to East Malaysia)

*** Flash ShopGirl Giveaway ***

I am having a mini giveaway until the 9th November on my ShopGirl Facebook page with a full-sized Dr G. BB Cream up for grabs.
I’m madly in love with Dr. G. products because they have been great with my sensitive skin and I think the Dr. G BB Creams are some of the best on the market! Hop on over for a chance to win. Likes are still low so your chances are high!

[Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Bag of Love. This bag was paid for by me and the opinions expressed are entirely my own and of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk]



  1. I don’t think anyone could have put Bag of Love’s appeal so succinctly! They truly are my favourite of the lot and I too am very curious about how Mimi runs her empire and remains so personable and interactively present towards everyone! I would love to meet her one day!

  2. @Arpita, I think between the both of us we are subscribed to just about every beauty bag and box in the country and I agree, this is my favourite subscription too. There’s such a consistently good range of samples and fantastic after-sales service too. I can’t wait for the October Bag of Love Lice!

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