Skinlite Exfoliating Foot Mask Review

I cannot express enough how much I love this Skinlite Exfoliating Foot Mask but before I tell you how wonderful it is, let me say that nothing in the world will quite prepare you for your first time using an exfoliating foot mask.

I thought I’d also include this little song as a sort of ‘soundtrack’ for today’s post.

It doesn’t show signs of stopping
And I’ve bought some corn for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

– Let It Snow


The Skinlite Exfoliating Foot Mask

The Skinlite Exfoliating Foot Mask

For me, this was just a random point-of-sale impulse purchase because SaSa was having a sale and I happened to be standing at their counter waiting to pay for my usual haul when the lovely sales assistant rattled off her usual promotion spiel. As usual, my ears perked at the word, ‘Offer’. My favourite word after ‘Free’.

Anyway, to her credit she was truly lovely and caught me in a masky mood and I thought, why not. Mind you, this was my first sheet-type foot mask and a big deal for me as you’ll soon find out.

Unfortunately, I am one of those rare people with a complete aversion to all things feet. Physically, psychologically or whatever, feet terrify me. I can’t explain what just is.

I am completely baffled as to why foot fetishes are easily one of the most popular fetishes around but that’s a topic I prefer not to debate on this blog. To each their own, I’ll leave the fetishists to enjoy what they like.

So, if I hate feet, why I am I even writing about feet?

This product was too good not to share. If I can love it you may too and sharing is caring, right? And I do care about you so don’t you even doubt that.

The instructions and the ingredients.

You better believe this

It goes without saying that our feet are one of the most punished parts of the human body; literally shouldering the weighty burden of the rest of our body day in and day out without so much as a squeak. They’re also usually the most neglected body part as we often prioritise the beauty tasks to the face, hands and body all before our poor, overworked feet.

My problem is that I just can’t and won’t go for pedicures or foot massages. I cannot have other people touch my feet at all – it’s ticklish, tragic and downright gross to have other people pottering about over my feet. I can’t think of a worse treatment as far as beauty and pampering go. I have a deeply ingrained phobia of foot spas. Indeed, I think a brazilian waxing would be more tolerable.

So whether I like it or not, it means that foot stuff must be performed in-house.

I got this, used it and loved it because it has now solved a portion of the foot woes I’d rather not have done by a third party.

This product is really quite a handy all-in-one kit and is made in Korea by the clever folk at Skinlite (Adwin Korea Corp).

Most foot masks just soothe or moisturise. The operative word with this one is ‘exfoliating’. More on this later.

So it’s a sock-type mask that contains all the wonderful ingredients to beautify feet within its handy sock-like bags (inclusive) and conveniently you are not left with any sort of fiddly mixing or application. Just find a place to rest your feet let the mask do its magic.

The sock

The oddest socks you’ll ever wear

No amount of coaxing will ever get me to reveal my feet to you but here’s a mask fresh out of the packaging.

You get two in a bag – obviously one for each foot and that’s enough for a single-use treatment.

Not the most fashionable footwear but it works.

Not the most fashionable footwear but it works.

Note that there’s a dotted line at the top of the mask. Cut along the dotted line, taking care not to spill the sloppy wet contents, and insert one foot into each sock-like bag carefully.

Inside the sock is a slightly tacky liquid with an antiseptic-like smell.

You are meant to keep each sock on for 60-90 minutes so yes, do this when you have time and won’t be needing to run around. This is not a quickie treatment and your patience will be tested but bear with it.

It helps to find a quiet spot and keep your feet with the sock masks upright lest the solution drips out. You can still waddle around with this mask on but you might risk falling as the mask is made of plastic and rather slippery. You also risk leaving behind a messy trail of sticky foot mask liquid in your wake as the amount of fluid is plentiful and threatens to spill out of the top of the mask at the slightest wrong move.

I don’t think this particular Skinlite foot mask comes in any size variants as nothing was indicated on the packaging but I do know that some other brands do come in sizes small, medium and large.

I have average-sized feet and this was more than big enough for me with plenty of room so walking was difficult, not to mention dangerous on the tiled floor at my house so I promptly gave up and tried to the pass time with nothing to do but wait.

*tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock…*

Don’t say I didn’t warn you that time moves slowly when you are doing a foot mask and are incapacitated. You begin to realise how very convenient feet are and how very inconvenient not having feet is. My suggestion is to have a book ready or write a blog post while you are ‘foot masking’ as the clock slows down infuriatingly when you are immobilised by this procedure.

Personally, I did not last the hour and was itching to get out of these ‘socks’. The top edge of the plastic socks were scratchy against my ankles and the extended soaking was beginning to make my feet feel slightly bloated and ‘pruny’.

I hobbled to the shower stall and rinsed my feet off good and proper.

I noticed that my feet really didn’t look much different. Still ugly. Still as footy as bad feet are.

*fast forward to three days later*

Just when you least expect – it starts.

The ‘it‘ I am talking about is the most terrifying, excessive shedding of skin on my feet I have ever seen. It was literally snowing feet.

I panicked but I want to save you from that panic and let you know that this is completely normal. It also doesn’t hurt to shed. Just don’t go about doing unwholesome things like picking at your feet or filing at them with any tools. Really, just don’t! You could risk damage by tearing at the post-mask flaking skin. No matter how tempting it is to do otherwise, leave them be. Trust me on this.

The Foot Notes

The Foot Notes

But as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I can’t tell you how much I was unprepared for how (well) this product works.

Sure it came with pictures of feet in the before/ during/ after poses but they were small and not very convincing. Quite honestly I hadn’t even paid any attention to the instructions – bad habit, I know – but most beauty illustrations are usually more metaphorical than literal. Shampoo adverts, for example. No one ever ends up with the after hair.

Turns out the notes on this one were very literal. Your feet will look very much worse for wear. In fact, I would completely avoid open toe/ heeled shoes and opt for socks or stockings just to hide the ‘disaster’ from the world during this rather sensitive period.

At this point don’t be alarmed. Press on. You will soon be rewarded.

Well, my feet peeled and shed and continued doing so for two to three days after the ‘snowing’ first started. Unless you want to gross everyone including yourself out, I highly recommend donning socks around the house and if possible, in your shoes to work. Don’t forget to wear your socks to bed too. You will shed skin like an endless flurry of snowflakes in a snowstorm and it will be nothing less than shocking. Immeasurably messy and rather disgusting too but as you know, the things we do in the name of beauty are not usually very pretty at all.

Then..slowly but surely, the shedding slows …and ultimately (and gratefully) comes to a stop.

And you will love how soft and smooth your feet are! New skin seems to grow in the place of all that unsightly flaking. You will be impressed.

The best thing about this foot mask is that it really delivers. It gets into those nooks and crevices (especially between the toes) that an ordinary foot file could never go and makes things all better. It also seems to aid in closing away any gaps you may have had from nasty foot nightmares like cracked heels.

I highly recommend this foot mask.

One treatment is comprised of two plastic socks filled with the precious exfoliating miracle and will show positive results on your feet within two weeks of use.

An amazing product that delivers just as it claims.

Thumbs up! An amazing product that delivers just as it claims.

Do note that this product contains active glycolic acid but is tempered with extracts of papaya, camomile, lemon, apple, orange and other botanical extracts to soothe. I did not feel any stinging or pain from using this mask. The hardest part to deal with was the boredom during the soaking period and the messiness of all post-mask flaking.

It is, however, advised that you avoid using this mask if you suffer from eczema on the feet, or have injured, irritated or sunburned feet. You should also stop using immediately and consult a doctor if you feel any pain or stinging as you may be uniquely allergic or sensitive to one or some of the ingredients. Finally, I remind you that this foot mask and accompanying solutions are meant only for use on the feet so don’t even think about getting creative with any of the leftover juices!

The Skinlite Exfoliating Foot Mask is available at SaSa outlets nationwide for RRP RM9.90.

I got my kit at a promotional price of two packets for Rm15 during the SaSa June Sale. SaSa has regular promotions on this throughout the year for this item. It may take more than one treatment to rid your feet of any extra stubborn callouses. Allow at least two to three weeks between treatments.

If you are outside of Malaysia, this product may also be available via ships to most destinations worldwide unless specified.

[ Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with either Skinlite or SaSa. This product was paid for, tested and reviewed by me and the opinions expressed herein are my own and of a nature arising from my personal experience of this product . Consider at your own risk]



  1. I havent seen your feet..but if you can imagine what a lifetime of flip flops and some serious time spent outdoors washing an ample driveway bare feet can ravage your feet..then those are mine. The funny thing I have some foot masks and I have been waiting to try them on.. the only problem is I cant find that 60 – 90 mins to sit in one place… The only time I do not move is when I’m asleep otherwise I’m never in one place for more then 2 😛

    But because I trust you always choose the best going to pick this up at SaSa the next time I wander past it and add it to my collection… when I do start shedding I will definitely let you know if the end result has worked it’s wonders on my feet as it has for yours

  2. @Sharon, *shopgirl cowers in fear* I can’t possibly ever show you my feet, they’re positively Quasimodo! It must be a local climate thing because I never really had to worry about horrible foot things when I was abroad. It doesn’t help that I can’t let the pros anywhere near my terrible peds. Is there an official name for this fear?
    I have the same issue with timing – it really does seem to work best with the extended soaking – but I have had trouble finding the time for this myself. I actually picked up two sets at SaSa this very morning when I heard they had knocked off a couple RM off the usual price but we are blessed to have them so inexpensive here even at the full price. I heard that the Japanese brand of exfoliating foot mask, BabyFoot, is selling for USD25 a set in Europe. Do let me know how it goes for you and ‘Happy Snowflakes’, yeah:D

  3. This is amazing. I have never even contemplated a foot mask! It’s one of those things I’ve been glossing over online and during my multiple visits to SaSa but I’m suddenly extremely intrigued by this! Though I’m a little traumatised by the idea of shedding everywhere, I’m curious as to how this would play out with my running shoes since it’s suggested that even during pedicures we’re meant to tell them not to overexfoliate the feet. Will definitely have to check this out. It looks like I might have to visit SaSa tomorrow. It suddenly seems imperative.

  4. @Arpita, This was my first ever foot mask too and I probably should have eased myself into the foot care process with a regular soothing foot mask instead of one that was so visually dramatic but I’m a little insane like that.

    The shedding is unappetizing but, provided you don’t have injured or irritated feet in the first place, should not hurt at all so I expect you would have no problem running in your feet in the peeling period. I would probably apply an emollient and put them in some socks before donning the running shoes. The key is to contain the flaking for hygiene as well as aesthetic reasons and cotton socks do a great job.

    Regarding the issue of not overexfoliating feet during pedicures, I suspect that there’s a lot of tugging and filing during a standard pedi by the technician and damage can be caused by human hands in sensitive and awkward areas such as at the balls of the feet or between the toes so the common advice is to avoid allowing your manicurist to get carried away but this foot mask works quite differently. There is no tugging; it merely involves a good glycolic soak which gets into all those fiddly areas that manicurists would have difficulty getting to with their tools. It actually feels very gentle and like you are not doing anything at all as the kit doesn’t even require any sort of rubbing – just the patience to sit out a long wait. You won’t even notice any flaking until days after the soak as theere is a time delay and then it’s hands off to any picking or filing to ensure minimal damage and the best results.

    I like that I don’t even have to touch my feet at all as the mask does all the work and for a lazy bug like me with my aversion to feet and all, this product is a dream come true.

  5. SG: Heard of Baby Foot as well and there has been some mixed reviews about them..some love it some dont…i guess it’s really a question of the chemicals involved in the liquid soak that has some reviewers hackles up… Frankly speaking I’m not too perturbed.. My feet are constantly tortured and exposed to detergent, cold floors and Malaysian roads anyway 😛 so I doubt some glycolic acid could do me much worst… the other option for me then would be to work outside in Wellies and I’m not rocking that option right now.

  6. @Sharon, I haven’t used Babyfoot as this is my first ever foot mask but I’m so happy that this Skinlite mask has been very gentle and kind to me despite my sensitive skin. Aside from the conspicuous shedding and standard foot mask issues like the long wait and the expected discomfort of having to keep the feet in a moist state for an hour, the solution in this kit did not irritate at all. Poor Sharon, wellies in our climate would give you foot problems. Tell you what, I would love to send a Skinlite Foot Mask your way just for you to try before you buy. PM me on Facebook with your delivery details and it’s done! You deserve it 🙂

  7. @Apoorva, it IS amazing…and a bit scary the first time but it really does amazing things for feet in the gentlest way. Hope you enjoy your foot masking experience! Thanks for stopping by.

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