The Lilac Box ~ Cult Box 1

When The Lilac Box’s first Cult Box arrived on my doorstep this week I really didn’t know what to expect.

As subscribers, all that was required from us was an insatiable addiction to beauty products, a tremendous love of the unknown and perhaps an incorruptible faith in all things Lilac. I was convinced that I had at least two of these three down to pat.

The cult theme has never been done before in beauty boxes so obviously there was no precedence for it. This was such a gamble but I was feeling insane adventurous so why not! I could get lucky and love it and if not well, that would be another story for you.

The signature Lilac Box wrappings.

The signature Lilac Box wrappings. My favourite feature is the sturdy, unbranded and therefore, supremely ‘regiftable’ box. Regifting is great – you should try it.

If anything, I think The Lilac Box is becoming a local cult brand in its own right.

Who else could have hordes of surprise-hungry women (of all ages, no less!) sacrifice a lovely weekend sleep-in to clamour in cyber space on a Saturday morning for something so vague?! Only Lilac, that’s for sure.

So exciting!

How exciting!

Based on the pre-release clues, it was to my understanding that this Cult Box was to contain the following-:

* Foreign beauty samples; mainly European (Italy, UK, Germany, French)
* Brands and products unknown or relatively unknown locally
* Goodies/ Brands famous in their own right
* 8 samples in classic Lilac-style boxing.

And this was what we got!

The First Lilac Box Cult Edition

The First Lilac Box Cult Edition – it comes with everything here sans flower. The flora’s mine – you’ll have to get your own.

I stand by this mantra when it comes to beauty subscriptions-:

Expect the worse but hope for the best and…may the odds be ever in your favour. 

And, even if those odds are not, it’s really just beauty samples after all so don’t take things too seriously. Laugh it off and live happily ever after all the same.

Beauty boxes are really best for you if you are a glass-half-full kind of person. It’s just part and parcel that you won’t like/ need/ use everything you get because that’s just the law of numbers, isn’t it? That and the fact that they really can be quite ad hoc.

But, if you come to a beauty box with an open heart and a sense of humour, you’ll surely be happy to discover that the surprise of being surprised is a delight worth paying for anyway.

Ultimately, with beauty samples, it comes down to personal taste and I like to think that it would be a shame not to give away anything you don’t want yourself. By all means, pay your unused samples forward because surely one girl’s idea of NOT may be another girl’s idea of HOT.

For me a beauty subscription is like a game of roulette and I cannot expect to win every time but if I happen to love most of the contents in a box then I consider it a jackpot.

The funny thing with this Cult Box was that I couldn’t quite decide if it was a jackpot even after the unboxing. Not just by looking at it anyway. This was so enigmatic.

The unboxing of the first Lilac Cult Box was a complete surprise – it was euro-centric and there was not one brand here that I was even remotely familiar with so in one single admission, I guess I’ve just given away how un-euro chic I am! *bows head in shame*

This was a box of complete strangers. Exotic little creatures. I needed to do more research before I could say yay or nay so I sat down and Googled every brand and product in this box with the determination of a girl possessed. Curse it, this was a RM49.90 investment after all!

*30 minutes later*

…this box is HOT!

Vagheggi ~ An Italian skincare brand.

Vagheggi ~ An Italian skincare brand.

Three of the Cult Box’s items are made in Italy by Vagheggi, a phytocosmetic brand. Phytocosmetic basically just means that this company makes wonderful products with flowers and plants. I like it already.

There were deluxe samples of a cleanser, a toner and this little bottle of ….magnesium?

The first two items are rather straight forward skin care products and self explanatory but the third, a curious little blue bottle, required more probing.

Containing active magnesium gluconate - this will quench the thirst of your parched, dry skin.

No more cornflakes. Containing active magnesium gluconate – this will quench the thirst of your parched, dry skin.

Apparently this little bottle contains a hydrating elixir for dry skin and contains magnesium gluconate; an active ingredient that can be used on both the body and face to reduce skin flakiness.

The highly concentrated formula is designed to moisturise stressed and dry skin and is a product that belongs to the Vagheggi Oligomineral line – a group of concentrated mineral serums to combat problematic skin issues.

I’m really quite pleased with the inclusion of the Vagheggi products because although the general Malaysian public are not familiar with this brand, my research has revealed that Vagheggi is actually a rather premium Italian skincare brand with an almost 40 year history and is used by many upmarket spas around the world. It’s definitely a beauty industry insider brand and sold only in professional spas and salons around the world.

For the audit-loving gals out there, this is also a pricey brand and I consider it a wonderful opportunity to be able to test this out for a song and in the comfort of my own home.

I will devote a full post to the Vagheggi samples soon. They deserve it.

The Mistral Shower Gel

The Mistral Verbena Shower Gel – smells even better than it looks.

I’m pretty boring when it comes to shower soaps and don’t usually stray further than Johnson & Johnson’s but this Verbena-scented shower gel by Mistral Soap smells lovely and makes me think of landscaped gardens and afternoon tea.

Malu Wilz Eye Shadow

Malu Wilz Eye Shadow – I get brown a lot.

A rather unusual-sounding brand name but I looked up Malu Wilz and found out they are an established German cosmetics brand. I’ve had no experience with German makeup but I’ve grown up with a lot of faith in German products. They seem to make the most wonderful knives, tweezers, sausages, and trucks. Perhaps along the way they’ve also been producing great makeup. I already know that the German-made variant of Nivea Cream has a huge cult following with some even claiming that it outperforms the extremely pricey La Mer so makeup is not really a long shot from this.

Anyway, Malu Wilz also have a truly cult product in their fold called the Camouflage Cream and it is a shame that this wasn’t the Malu Wilz sample we got in this Cult Box but I still am very pleased to meet this new brand and would like to find out more. Thank you for the introduction, Lilac Guys!

Yes, Nurse Hand Lotion

Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula

This  Yes! Nurse hand lotion came as a full-sized inclusion in its own quirky little box. The packaging is young and rather adorable if perhaps a little on the silly side. Don’t let this detract you from the goodness within – it’s serious stuff and contains lots of wonderful natural ingredients like honey, passion fruit, pomegranate and almond oil; making it sound almost good enough to eat.

The quirky box!

The quirky box!

This hand lotion is a pleasantly-scented emollient designed not just to soothe after-the-event of damage but to provide a unique protective barrier of relief to the hands against the damaging effects of chemicals and frequent handwashing.

The back story to this is that it was developed by paediatric nurse, Antonia Steven, who was only too aware of the ravages of excess washing and soapy lathering on overworked hands. After years of over washing and exposing her hands to the harsh sterile protocol of her job, she was left with a raw, stripped, peeling and scaly dermis. Out of sheer desperation, Nurse Steven set about to create a unique hand formula to not only reverse but preempt hand damage and I have to say, I work a lot with my hands and will really appreciate this.

I am such a hoarder and must have tubes and tubes of wonderfully-scented hand creams in my stash but this is something quite different because the Yes! Nurse hand cream is a proactive formula that apparently cares as much about prevention as it does cure.

The Eugene Perma samples

The Eugene Perma samples -including a slightly controversial sachet sample for some of us.

The next products are hair samples from Eugene Perma. I would like to think that I don’t need mature-age shampoo and haven’t even thought about ageing hair (since any unfortunate face wrinkles naturally take priority) but the other day I was looking at photos of gorgeous screen goddess, Nicole Kidman,  and noticed that yes, hair does age. Poor Nicole. She’s 46 this year and despite all the magic of Hollywood hairdressers, it was obvious that her hair simply wasn’t as glossy as it was years ago. Still beautiful but not at her peak, tress-wise.

Thankfully, I’m not quite as geriatric as dear Nicole yet but it did make me think that our hair does age with us. I’m not even talking about grey hairs but just the fact that getting older might mean that hair isn’t nearly as bouncy, shiny, beautiful or as plentiful as it was for us in our youth.

The sad truth is that we’re all ageing whether we like it or not. In fact, I’m sorry to remind you but you are a second older than you were a moment ago. This considered, the Eugene Perma anti-age shampoo will be just fine then.

So, in the name of pseudo-science I am going to enjoy trying Eugene Perma samples on my hair. I’ll get back to you and wax lyrical if I love it. If I don’t say anything then you can assume it is a polite silence but that I was largely unimpressed.

When it comes to beauty samples, I know many beauty people who are none too pleased with sachet samples and it’s obvious here that one of my Eugene Perma samples was a sachet.

Personally, I don’t mind. If something is great I’ll probably discover that the moment I don’t retch in pain or double over in horror and if it’s bad well, a whole vat certainly won’t make things any better.

What I do mind, however, is when a beauty box comes with two possibilities but I end up scoring the less wonderful option. It’s hard to think that a sachet might be better than a whole tube and in this case when one knows nothing about the brand – we start with size comparisons and bigger is usually considered better as far as samples go. And, no matter which way I look at it, the darn tube looks more enticing than my sad little sachet.

Sorry but it is human nature to compare and covet thy neighbour’s cool stuff.

So, among the bevy of girls that managed to snag a Lilac Cult Box on this occasion, some received the sachet as I did while another group of subscribers were randomly assigned a tube (a whole tube?!) of a Eugene Perma deluxe hair mask.

How do I know? Well, the powers of Google and Facebook, of course. You can run but you can’t hide anything from anyone these days. Everything is up for scrutiny on the internet.

My only consolation is the randomness of it all. But still!

*sniff, sniff*

Let’s hope that my single sachet contains the best hair serum in the world because it’s never a nice thing to feel like the one to draw the short straw.

Beauty boxes should really refrain from including very different sample sizes as some subscribers may be prone to tears at the thought. Of course, I’m not referring to myself.

Despite the above, I really did enjoy this box and am so glad I managed to snag the first Lilac Cult edition which was again sold out in a flash.

Embarrassingly, my subscription addiction means that I am already hankering after their next cult offering despite it really only being a week since I got my hands on this one. Pretty soon, someone will need to develop a 12-Step program for beauty sample addiction.

A successful outing

A successful outing nevertheless…I loved this box!

This was a fun debut Cult Box and there were some beauties in here. This edition sold out in only 4 hours so log yourself on The Lilac Box Facebook page for notifications of future releases if you’re interested or you could miss out.

Cult Box #1 was RM49.90 (inclusive of delivery). Currently still only available to West Malaysia.

The Lilac Box Facebook

The Lilac Box Website


{Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or brand affiliated post. The Lilac Cult Box was paid for by me and the opinions expressed here are entirely my own. Consider at your own risk}



  1. First of all, the flora is absolute gorgeous and your pictures are almost as addictive as your posts are. Secondly, we can shed tears together over drawing the short straw. After you mentioned it to me, I went on my own obsessive Google-spree of what everyone else got and my life feels a little empty.
    Thank you for adding in the historical bits of these products. You got me excited all over again where this box is concerned!

  2. @Arpita, thanks for your kind feedback. This is definitely a decent box and it’s a shame that not everyone realises how good some of the products are – unknown here in Asia does not mean that they are inferior. The Vagheggi set and hand lotion is really worth the price of the box but yes, the sachet…oh well, we win some we lose some.

  3. Yes… i definitely need to get myself a stash of flowers..pretty,colorful blooms that adds that sweet whimsical feel to any picture. Not only do your pictures delight.. I could not tear my away while reading.. though one child was screaming his head off into my ear and the other was crying at some injustice inflicted on by the elder sibling…..I love the brands..Vagheggi and Nurse have made quite a dent where rave reviews are concerned and it’s lovely to try something that might be a big hit homewards in the years soon to follow.. Do let me know which one turns out as your absolute favorite…

  4. @Sharon, Yes, I’m so glad I did go for this box – it’s exciting to meet some new brands that we don’t usually come across at SaSa or at the malls. I am leaning towards Vagheggi as being the goodies worth the cost of this box alone. Knowing that you’re quite the gardener, Sharon, if you have fresh blooms, even better!

  5. woww..i love ur pictures. so clear. i also managed to subscribe this cult box, but still haven’t got enough time to make a blog review. will post a blog entry regarding this box later 🙂

  6. @Rosni, thank you for your comment and for stopping by! I would love to read your review post on this box to hear what you think of it. Happy Unboxing!

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