Markets @ Jaya One ~ 11th Edition

The sun was up last Saturday but it was cool by Malaysian standards and Markets@Jaya One couldn’t have picked a finer day for their fantastic little fete.

A quirky, retro and fun day out - Markets@Jaya One is now a regular instalment on the Klang Valley bazaar calender.

A quirky, retro and fun day out – Markets@Jaya One is now a regular installment on the Klang Valley bazaar calender.

The Markets@Jaya One is housed at the Jaya One retail concept and has become a seasonal event in Klang Valley’s bazaar calendar and is already in its 11th turn.

I can’t tell you how much I love street markets and bazaars. I get all warm, fuzzy and nostalgic as I hop from stall to stall sampling treats and picking up knick knacks and paraphernalia. Bazaars make me feel like a kid – a very happy fat kid with a snow cone.

Speaking of snow cones, vendor Simply Frozen were actually at these markets with their old fashioned snow cones served in pointy little paper cups.

Simply Frozen with their lovely snow cones.

Simply Frozen with their lovely snow cones.

This was so much more fun that hanging out at a mall even though technically, Jaya One is still a mall-of-sorts. The best thing about the Markets @ Jaya One is that all the stalls are outdoors and on a lazy, breezy Saturday morning, well I can’t think of a better way to spend a day.

If you’re not familar with the Jaya One concept it’s actually a mall cum enrichment hub cum community and arts center and its unique winding terraced paths served as the perfect backdrop for their seasonal outdoor artisan market.

This bazaar was no ‘pasar malam‘ – it was clean, funky, young and colourful and dotted with some of the cutest names in fashion stalls, accessory, arts and crafts, bath and beauty products from in and around the Klang Valley.

 Think Party Thoughts, was a stall manned by a couple of gorgeous but shy young ladies who had the cutest little designer party accessories for sale. They had a circus theme going that day and they were one of the prettiest tables at the market.

One of the best decorated stalls.

Think Party Thoughts

Delightfully cute accessories for your next party.

Delightfully cute accessories for your next party.

I admit I probably couldn’t live without my computer notebook but old fashioned paper notebooks are something like a rare gem these days. Indeed, handwritten missives are an oddity among today’s tech savvy generation but seriously, no SMS or email can beat the romance of a beautifully handwritten love letter or card.

Write one today! The lovely Noteworthie will give you a reason to put ink to paper. They make gorgeous vintage-inspired notebooks, notepads, diaries and cards to inspire the handwritten passion in you. Their stall was buzzing that day!

Retro notebooks that thrill the heart.

Retro stationery and gifts that will thrill the heart by the lovelies at Noteworthie.

A closer look at the adorable notebooks by Noteworthie.

A closer look at the adorable notebooks by Noteworthie.


I Heart Badges ~ let these say what you can’t!

I Heart Badges evoked my secret love of sassy buttons. I just love the succinctness of these badges and their unwavering, declaratory way of captioning real life. I wish I had picked up more of these. These were an awesome purchase at 3 buttons for RM10.


Fabric Fanatics

I had a huge pang of regret when I came across this vendor. I truly regret not learning to sew. This stall had the most adorable assortment of fabrics squares I have ever seen in person. I’ve made my mind up – the next time I come across Fabric Fanatics I’m going to haul irrespective of my inability to sew. Certainly nothing that can’t be overcome with a tub of glue or two.

The Fabric Fanatics stall was literally swarmed with crafty types looking for their latest cute motif fabric fix. Seriously, I had no idea there were that many young Klang Valley girls into fabric but here they were snapping these up like hotcakes.

I want this so much!

Regrets! I realised that I have a secret love of fabrics too.

Panache Accessories

Panache Accessories

By this point in the day I was beginning to realise I had a massive amount of secret loves. The Panache stall knew my weakness for pink, fluffy oddball things. I came back to this little stall more than once because I just can’t stop buying accessories and cute things.

This next stall was run by non-profit organisation M.A.D Malaysia with all proceeds going to animal charities and giving shopaholics an opportunity to kill two birds with the one stone. I’ve always known that shopping was an altruistic sport and MAD proves it!

” MAD, short for Make A Difference is an initiative to help the conservation of wildlife, protecting animals and to create awareness of animal welfare, be it a kitchen rat, garden squirrel or endangered tiger. Stopping the global wildlife poaching crisis requires all of us to do our part.”

Make A Difference ~

Make A Difference!

The TedBoy Table

The Tedboy Table of toothsome treats

Now, no market day is ever complete without food and I was enamored with the stall run by Tedboy Bakery. I popped by so often I lost track of how many times. I think they were beginning to think I was a glutton (which I am).

Unlike some of the other food stalls that day, Tedboy had a host of savoury goodies and that’s always good because one can only eat so many cakes and macarons on an empty stomach. I think I literally ate both breakfast and lunch from the TedBoy table.

After my dine-in I decided to doggy-bag a slice of carrot cake (RM6.90) for later but if I had eaten it there and then I probably would have taken the whole tray home. It was a great carrot cake and I should know – I bake a lot of carrot cakes and am ashamed to admit that Tedboy’s cake is better than all of mine. I will leave all future carrot cake baking to the professionals henceforth.

Incidentally, Tedboy is named after the owner’s son, Ted. How cute and lucky! No doubt, this is one little boy that will never go hungry.

Unfortunately, when I got home I was too busy scoffing the carrot cake to remember to take a picture of it so apologies for there being no photo of the glorious dessert but here’s another shot of my breakfast table at Ted’s.



I’m a complete polygamist when it comes to food and couldn’t resist picking up some brownies at one of TedBoy’s neighbouring stalls, Sweet & Savoury but again apologies for wolfing them down before I could get a closeup. It’s so hard to spare a moment when one has fresh brownies calling out your name. I think you understand. Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know that they were deliciously moist and moreish which was a relief because so many commercial brownies are as dry and uninspiring as hockey pucks.

Brownies by Sweet & Savoury

Brownies by Sweet & Savoury

Sweet & Savoury also sell other treats like cupcakes and whole cakes by order but they only brought their brownies in that day. I believe they were launching their brownie collection under the brand, Oleh Oleh Brownies.

There were also food booths featuring everything from artisan marshmallows and red velvet cake to retro ice pops and homemade hummus dips.

Artisan Marshies by Fete Marshmallows

Artisan Marshies by Fete Marshmallows

Plenty of tastings at Fete Artisan Marshmallows.

According to the lovely and supremely good-looking couple who run Fete, the flavours and colours of their gourmet marshmallows are all natural. This was my first taste of homemade marshmallows and they were soft and bouncy with clean flavours. They were a nice change from the usual rubbery ones at the supermarket. Is it me or does artisan food rock?!

Fete Marshmallows Menu

Fete Marshmallows Menu – Delicious, natural and handmade marshmallows.

I had to rub my eyes when I saw this next stall – a pop-up booth by the famous Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing!

The Famous Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing!

The Famous Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing!

This drink and their stall is as iconic as Petaling Street itself. It’s so famous and they’ve been selling this brew for decades that it’s simply known among locals as the Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing stall . In the last few years, they have also expanded their business with a permanent outlet at the MidValley Mall.

In Malaysia, Air Mata Kucing is a popular local beverage made from wintermelon (tong kua), monk fruit (lo han kor), dried longan (mata kucing) that has been boiled at length with sugar and water so that the flavours are completely infused and delicious – the sum being greater than its parts.

Air Mata Kuching is a great drink for hot days and cooling down the body. You can find this beverage all around Malaysia but there’s just something about this Petaling Street version that has the pundits coming back. I buy one or two cups every time I go to Chinatown and can confidently say that yes, their secret recipe is above the rest! I have no idea why but all the ingredients are just perfectly balanced so the flavour is just right.

The original drink stall does a roaring trade at the junction smack in the middle of Chinatown but I noted that the price at these markets was about double the Chinatown price.

Finally, here’s a tip for bazaar newbies, I always make sure I collect the business cards of any vendors I fall in love with so I can find them again on Facebook or otherwise.

Collecting business is a serious business at any market day.

Collecting business cards is a serious business at any market day. It would be a shame to lose a beloved new contact.

Of course, there were also plenty of stalls selling new and vintage fashion, more food vendors, a cluster of local handmade bath and beauty brands  as well as other funky outlets. Simply too many to explore individually in this post but the list below might help you get your bearings.

The complete vendor list for the Markets @ Jaya One – 11th Edition…

The Vendors - a list of funky homegrown and in some cases handmade brands.

The Vendors – a list of funky homegrown and, in some cases, handmade brands.

It has been long time since I was at an artisan market and this outing has revived my passion for the bazaar circuit so perhaps I’ll see you at the 12th Edition!

Markets @ Jaya One is on at the Jaya One complex once every three months.

Timing is rather sketchy and subject to change but you can Like their Facebook page to be notified of future bazaar dates and vendor news.

Markets @ Jaya One Facebook


{Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored review. I am not affiliated in any way with the organisers or any of the vendors mentioned herein. The opinions and experiences detailed here are entirely my own and of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk}



  1. Now I regret not going more than I did after seeing the pictures on FB! Everytime I make a plan to go for Markets, something crops up and I miss out on it. If nothing else, Tedboy’s croissants looked buttery and satisfying. I might have to make a trip there tomorrow!

  2. Oh…those notebooks looked like they were novels or short storybooks. So vintage.
    I love fabric fanatics too. I used to buy their fabrics but still have not had the time to use it yet. In fact, they actually have classes on how to make bags & other things.
    I have yet to try Tedboy bakery but I’ve heard many awesome reviews about them. I love savory pastries. Those croissants & sandwiches sure looks yummy. If only there was a branch in PJ then it would be awesome. Travelling to KL is a headache for me cuz my road senses aren’t good. Every road seems to look the same to me.
    The marshmallows looks like nougat.
    The business cards that you brought home are so colorful. No more stereotype white background like those days.
    It was fun reading your post on the markets bazaar. Now I need to wait for another 3 months before I can visit.

  3. @Nadia, don’t worry there will be plenty more markets to come. Apparently, this particular one has been running for years this being their 11th edition.
    Anyhow, Wondermilk/ Hello Deer are always holding funky markets in PJ. Check their FB for news.
    Being in KL travelling to PJ is a huge headache for me. Those Saturday jams are impossible to navigate!
    This was a really funky little market and I’ve noticed that some of the vendors change from one edition to the next which is actually a good thing – more variety. By the way, most of the vendors are on FB so even if you can’t make it to the Markets@ Jaya One you can still shop with some of them 🙂

  4. @Arpita, you must go – you’ll love it! Did you ever have a chance to go to any of the markets in London? I also hear there’s a good one in Melbourne; the Queen Victoria Markets.

  5. I’ve heard about these lovely bazaars but it’s been a long time since I’ve been to one..never mind the gorgeous displays and lovely table-fronts at Markets…. perhaps I might just go to the next one to hang around at the Panache stall so I can delight at their hair-tastic displays… odd though as much as I love buying and collecting hair accessories..i never end up using them…. but they get snagged by my daughter so everyone ends up happy

    p/s: was squinting at the pictures hoping to find a reflective surface 🙂

  6. @Sharon, haha you’re so cute, darling! I shall ‘meet’ you one of these days. It would be a treat! I know what you mean about hauling hair goodies…I don’t even have enough hair for all the hair accessories I own.

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