Bag of Love x Nuxe Special Edition Coffret

What could be better than a beauty box?
Well, how about a Limited Edition beauty bag of epic proportions – specifically five full-sized beauty offerings for only a fraction of their retail value?

Let me just say that more than a few of us in the local beauty community were pretty hyped up recently by the promise of a beauty bag of which there were only 35 (gasp!) units available. Only 35! But how, why, golly and oh-gosh! Only 35!

If there is anything that makes a woman want something more it is the notion of limited availability. By rule, the less there is of something the more we want it. That’s human nature. We covet rarity. Like an eligible bachelor. Only one of him but many of us makes him all the more eligible.

Rebecca Bloomfield

Covet. Rebecca Bloomfield-style.


Now, MiMi’s Bag of Love subscriptions usually do a roaring trade anyway but on this day the anticipation for Bag of Love’s super-limited edition mystery bag was simply off the charts!

We had girls on trains and girls in cars and girls at home all drawing bated breath in competitive unison.

Some were tapping their feet, others were tapping their fingers, some of us – like yours truly – were tapping everything at once but Mi Mi was off editing the reveal photo for this single-brand epic release…and taking her own pretty time with it too but I forgive her; this beauty bag is pretty awesome.

And here she is! The bag that is.

The Bag of Love Special Edition Nuxe Coffret

The Bag of Love Special Edition Nuxe Coffret

Yes, yours truly braved the surreal experience and RM199.90 later this was mine.

For the time being she holds the record for being the most expensive beauty bag (box) to hit our market but when you think of how she is filled to the overflow with five full-sized items then the maths makes sense. The final discount works out to be about 60% off the retail prices and French-made Nuxe in any country is a relatively costly affair and this is certainly a good buy in my books. Surely, this is saving me money!

But both you and I know I’d starve for the right beauty box if it came to that.

Isn’t she beautiful? Virginal-white and quilted. Quilting is to luxury what feathers are to birds. Just ask Chanel.

And here she is again – I prepped her up for another shoot. This time, my amateur Nuxe tribute to Warhol.

A Nuxe nod to Warhol.

A Nuxe nod to Warhol.

I present to you the contents of the Bag of Love X Nuxe Special Edition…

Micellar Cleansing Water

The Nuxe Eau Démaquillante Micellaire

Or Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water, if you like, but everything does sound better in French, don’t you think?

RM88/ 200ml


Brume Hydratante Fraicher

Next up is the Refreshing Moisturising Mist.

A rose-scented mist that you spray over makeup to keep the skin hydrated and the face dewy.

I believe this is the french version of the Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist.

RM60/ 100ml.

Reve de Miel

Reve de Miel

The Nuxe Ultra-Comfortable Body Cream.

RM140/ 200ml.

Nuxe BB Cream

Masque Créme Fraiche de Beaute

A 24-Hour Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask.

I had no idea ‘Creme Fraiche’ was a term in beauty but the French do have a way with words and now I have lashings of glorious cream dazzling in my head from this.

RM108/ 50ml.

Finally, I introduce the champagne diva of the Nuxe collection and one of the most well-known and loved products in the Nuxe fold.

A full-sized Anniversary Edition of the Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil that looks like liquid gold.

RM148/ 100ml.

Nuxe Oil

Huile Prodigieuse or ‘Nuxe Dry Oil’

And there we have it.

RM544 worth of Nuxe goodies for only RM199.90.

A bevy of beauties.

The bevy of beauties.

Admittedly, in the frenzy of the moment all those ‘nines’ had my eyes glazing over proving that online banking and frenzied internet shopping are not compatible bedfellows. I kept having to check my eyes on this one and still got it wrong. Duh! I am no Math Girl but fate prevailed and this was mine, mine and all mine!

Anyway, a record-breaking beauty bag if there ever was one and another successful Limited Edition curation from Bag of Love. I hope to review the products individually for you as I go through the very scientific process of smothering these elixirs all over my face in the near future.

Bag of Love never ceases to surprise her subscribers and her goodies run the gamut of the very affordable to ultra-premium outings like this one. And of course, part of the fun is fighting off the hordes for them.

Bag of Love founder, Mi Mi, promises more fabulous Limited Edition adventures so LIKE Bag of Love on Facebook to be notified of more wonderful surprises.

I confess I stalk this page somewhat fanatically *blushes*.

Click here for Bag of Love Facebook




  1. lucky,lucky girl… if only i was at home that fateful afternoon but SOBZ… missed out on this one 😦 and yes!! What an Amazing line up of NUXE goodies for a fraction of the price…. And if I hadnt said it enough..lovely post..amazing pictures… Warhol and all 🙂

  2. @Sharon, thanks for your support! Trying to improve my photos but it’s hard with just an old camera and a phone. An upgrade to a DSLR is pending but I’ve been spending all my pennies on beauty instead of saving for this.
    I missed out on the TLB H20 box 😦 but nevermind, I’m looking forward to your post about it! I heard you managed to get one. Is it true?!

  3. I hope so…. I haven’t followed up on that one yet but after seeing the lovely goodies featured in the box, i just might get around to confirming it later this evening 🙂

    Old camera or phone…you seem to have some serious creative photographic genius… and add that to your captivating posts….it’s a recipe for perfection… Cant wait to see what magic number takes your fancy and when you do announce your Giveaway, you can be sure i’ll be doing the “giveaway’ dance so you’re ‘lucky stick’ points in my direction…. 🙂
    Haha..just read that thru and if you were a gentleman, that would have sounded quite ‘improper’

  4. @Sharon, LOL you are right, that does sound rather cheeky! And, it is a good thing I’m a ShopGirl and not a ShopBoy. Aww, thanks Sharon, you’re a sweetie but I am lusting after a decent camera.Do stay tuned for a giveaway in this neck of the woods. I know it’s going to hit me one of these mornings that today is The Day. Honestly, I am as excited about having one as you are!

  5. Oh my gosh…I did not know about this!!! Scrolled through Bag Of Love FB previous posts to check again… Totally a missed in mistake!!!
    The bag is just so so so pretty!!! And if those bags came in those pastel colours I would have screamed & cry out loud cuz I did not get this special edition bag. Featuring an array of Nuxe full size products at an absolute bargain price is to die for.
    You are so lucky ShopGirl only 35 units & you managed to snag a bag.

  6. @Nadia, Hi there! Yes, this Nuxe bag is great value considering that it is all full-sizes ad the bag is very pretty. As you know, even a full-sized Nuxe oil is about RM140. Don’t worry, Bag of Love says there will be more special edition bags to come and the CosmoBox is gearing up for a special anniversary edition in November. Don’t register until this is announced though. They are refunding everyone their outstanding subscriptions until then.
    I also got the BOL special edition makeup bag but that isn’t my favourite as I realise that I don’t really like random makeup colours – a personal thing. Anyway, happy beauty boxing and thanks for stopping by!

  7. Wow, you got the coffret! The bag itself is sooo pretty. Great blog, I love the pictures – they’re sharp and pop. And of course there’s your magical way with words. 🙂

  8. @Serena, thanks for dropping in. Getting this bag was fun but a little bit surreal. Bag of Love had us all on tenterhooks with the wait! Thank you for your kind comments. I love taking pictures but it is probably the hardest part of blogging with me being a complete amateur with limited tech savvy. I am hoping to graduate to a DSLR one day but for the time being it’s just my humble little point & shoot and phone.

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