Bag of Love ~ August 2013 Happy Edition

The 'Make Me Happy' Edition

The ‘Make Me Happy’ Edition

It’s amazing how quickly one can be overwhelmed by beauty subscriptions. I’m starting to run out of room for them which will soon mean it’s time to cull the duds and keep the winners. I’ll bring you up to speed with my subscription addiction by tackling them one at a time.

Presently, I have about 6 beauty boxes scattered in all manner of disarray around my room but this is the one I am most excited to blog about so let’s talk about Bag of Love August.

Bag of Love need not worry. I love my Bag of Love subscription to bits and this is a really, really great edition so there’s no doubt that a renewal is on the way from my end.

There’s no corporate office that I know of, no posh team of marketing people or even a fancy packaging box for all the samples – just Founder, Mi Mi Teh, her hardworking assistant the mysterious – Miss A, and of course the bags themselves, but together they are doing the most wonderful job of tapping into the market and making grown women squeal with joy. In fact, this is a powerhouse subscription service leaving so many others in the dust.

What I enjoy most about the Bag of Love subscription is the consistently wide mix of quality samples each month. First of all, there have hardly been any sachets and when there are, all the other samples are plentiful and and deluxe.

This is my third Bag of Love and I have been getting great samples (often of deluxe or full-sizes) that I have actually been using and that have delivered fantastic results to my skin, hair and face and body.  Quite a few of these samples have springboarded me into hunting down full-sized products.

As far as my personal experience of the samples go, there have been very few misses. Most of Bag of Love’s samples work for me and I’m a happy customer so it’s apt that this six month ‘anniversary’ bag is the Make Me Happy edition.  It makes me happy! And it looks like there are plenty of other happy customers around. Just have a look at the Bag of Love Facebook page and see for yourself. The fans wax lyrical. I find I can’t stop gushing myself.

A great mix of skincare, nail, haircare and fragrance products in the August Edition.

A great mix of skincare, nail, haircare and fragrance cameos in the August Edition.

First up in this month’s Bag of Love is the most stellar item ever to be included in a beauty box bag!

A book!

A Book! Best. Ever. Inclusion.

A Book! Best. Ever. Inclusion.

It’s simply pure genius of Mi Mi to put a book in her sample bag and she’s done it with such keen acumen – Confessions of a Shopaholic, no less! Of course, what else!

Mind you, as elated as I was to find out we were getting a book, I did have some reservations about this mystery tome and it has been weighing on my mind that it could have been something dull and dry or sappy and sad but no, Mi Mi came through. She must have picked up the shopaholic vibes of her fan base. This was a clear winner in the August bag.

Although I’ve only had the time to read a couple of chapters I’ve been in stitches. It’s so Laugh-Out-Loud and Roll-On-The-Floor good that I can barely contain myself. If there ever was anyone that could testify to the highs and lows of a shopaholic – then Rebecca Bloomwood would be that person. I absolutely adore her. As far as book heroines go I love this gal to bits. She understands. Completely. She’s one of ‘us’.

UPDATE: Finished the book! Trotted it with me everywhere (short of the bathroom…sorry, I don’t do lavatory reading but I won’t judge those that do) and it was such a good fun read. I’m usually not a keen reader of fiction preferring cookbooks, DIY guides, newspapers but I really enjoyed this. Simply essential reading for every self-respecting, shop-happy oniomaniac.

Thank you so much for this book, Bag of Love! How perfectly attuned to your market you are! I love YOU to pieces too!

Which reminds me, I’m getting behind myself by not mentioning that this month’s bag also contained beauty samples that are always above and beyond my expectations.


The August Bounty

The August Bounty

In addition to the book and the bag, Mi Mi somehow managed to squeeze in candidates for skincare, fragrance, hair, nail and even this Juice Works voucher for subscribers.

Some juice for looking after your inner health as well as your outer.

Yum, some juice for looking after your inner health while the beauty goodies tackle your outer.

Indeed, this lady is an expert packer of makeup bags because hers always pack a punch and are often so good they overflow with samples and extra treats. Mi Mi is so generous!

My Saxby Nail Polish came full-sized and in pink.

My Saxby Nail Polish is pretty in pink.

My Saxby Nail Polish is pretty in pink.

Nice enough but this is my fourth non-glittery polish in a beauty box row and my second pink for the month by way of beauty box subscriptions. I really do love pink (it’s my favourite colour) but when it comes to makeup and nails (although you may not pick me for it) I personally prefer more vampish options in blood, black or very deep cold hues or anything filled with glitter.

I noted some people complaining online that they got glittery polish for the umpteenth time in a row and I could not believe my eyes.
I love glitter – who could not?!! It’s glamorous, glorious and happy. And this is the Happy Bag, no?

Glitter = Happy.

I am not entirely consoled that I have once again missed out on lashings of sparkle in my nail colour but that’s the luck of the draw and I will live with it. I’ll figure out some way to work with it.

Eternally my favourite items in any beauty box, the August bag came with a lovely stash of skin care. I truly don’t care much for makeup samples other than BB or CC creams but skin care, well I guzzle this stuff up as an old car would chug petrol. It’s my fuel.

A curious watery 'Oxygen Fresh' version of an old favourite.

A curious watery ‘Oxygen Fresh’ version of an old favourite.

This might be a new product from the ever-reliable Johnson & Johnson brand. I’ve grown up with the classic pink formula and am happy to explore something new from them. I think every household in this country must have a jar or bottle of something from J&J. It’s the law. I think the giant bottles of J&J are only available in Asia because Asian women are crazy about baby soft skin.

The Neem Face Pack – how curious! Well, a new word everyday! I really didn’t know turmeric was also called neem. Cinnamon and Ginger are about as spicy as I get and they only go into my cakes and cookies. I need to get out more.

Neem = Tumeric!

Neem = Turmeric!

This turmeric facial concoction sounds fun to try although I hope it doesn’t turn me yellow – isn’t this what the Chinese call ‘yellow ginger’?! Anyway, the blurb says it’s for oily skin and that’s me. I could give Petronas a run for its money in oil production. This product will have the time of its life clearing the vast oil wells I call my pores.

The word SERUM always makes me happy.

The word SERUM always makes me happy and feeling like I am doing something juicy for my skin.

Lierac. I have only recently come across this brand and am not sure what to make of it but a gut feeling tells me this is good stuff. The box design lends some scientific weight to it – the packaging vibe is very dermatological and the word ‘serum’ is definitely promising.

I’m so happy I got this sample in Bag of Love because I was expecting it in Lilac Box 4 after all their talk of Lierac on the The Lilac Box Facebook page but all I got was more L’Oreal.

In fact, I was more than a little disappointed that it was a no-show in Box 4. Granted, Lierac did show up in their special edition Good Vibes box but that was so limited it was next to impossible to get, even by me, the beauty box stalker. Hmm…those TLB boys do talk ahead of themselves sometimes.

Anyway, with this en masse inclusion of Lierac, for ALL subscribers not just some die-hard lucky few, Bag of Love, beat the premium dudes over at The Lilac Box. Now you understand why I love my Bag of Love? It’s such a little dark horse.

Sample-wise, and last but not least, Mi Mi slid in a couple of Salvatore Ferragmo fragrance vials.

So pretty and pink.

So pretty, pink and floral!

Signorina for the girls and even a fragrance shot for the man in your life – Acqua Essenziale.

A refreshing, aquatic scent.

A refreshing, citrusy scent.

I’m not usually very keen on perfume vials because I like to use a perfume for a signature period of time and prefer full sizes for this purpose but it’s a nice way to get a sniff of a new fragrance without the commitment.

Finally and as always, I L-O-V-E the bag itself. I received a bag similar to this for the Bag of Love Special Edition and it’s such good quality that I don’t mind having another because I’m filling up these bags with my bits and bobs faster than arrive.

Isn’t it funny how a girl always manages to fill up bags irrespective of however many more she gets. It’s like the stuff we put in into bags automatically breeds as we buy more bags so there’s always a new reason to welcome a new bag. There’s simply no such thing as too many bags in a shopgirl’s world.

So, I hope you enjoyed my recap of this month’s Bag of Love treats and here’s the link in case you might want to hop on over to discover some L-O-V-E yourself.

Go to Bag of Love or discover how sweet Mi Mi is via Bag of Love Facebook.

If I do say so myself, I am actually looking forward to paying for my next quarter. If this is not testament to how much I love Bags of Love I don’t know what is.

{This was not a sponsored review. The Bag of Love subscription was paid for by my own money and all opinions expressed here are entirely my own}



  1. As always, an absolutely stellar review! You really shouldn’t worry about turning yellow, because neem has never caused that reaction and it truly is a wonderful means of oil control. If you want to go right to the source, try turmeric and yogurt. It will leave a yellow tinge, but if you do it at night and then cleanse in the morning, there will be nothing of the sort.

    I noticed that there was no mention of the L’Oreal hair mask hehehe. I can’t imagine why 😛

  2. @Arpita, Oh you, eagle-eyed gal, you! You caught me out! My subconscious has been trying to deny the very existence of this L’Oreal mask. It’s just going to join the others in my growing sample cemetery as I round off my subscriptions. Just goes to prove that overexposure can be a bad thing. LOL, do you think it would be very uncool to have a blog giveaway hamper of 5 units of the same hair mask?!
    Truly, thanks for your feedback on the Neem. I’m not sure if I could handle the yellowish tinge that comes with fresh turmeric on the skin but I trust your experience with it. I really did not know it was such an oil buster. Wow, so intriguing! I must dig further into these Himalaya products!

  3. Hehehe I had to! I’m sure someone out there isn’t subscribed to every beauty box to cross their sight like we are and would be quite keen to get hold of an unlimited supply of the hair mask. We can put out lot together and you can have a giveaway for a “lifetime supply”!

  4. Hey ShopGirl, you’re definitely shaping up to be the spokesperson for BOL…. You’ve done a fine job with the review…. Yes, I reckon we’ve been seeing a tad too much of Liss Ultime lately, I have 5 maybe 6 full deluxe sets and I only have so much hair to go around 😛
    On another note, neem and turmeric are from different families.. I reckon it mean this pack contains both the grease battling properties of neem and turmeric … The neem tree is willowy … I have it out on my parking patch and the turmeric plant is quite tiny in comparison ( this one sits outside the back yard door for easy harvesting) …. Have yet to try on anything from the BOL to date but very much looki g forward to doing so when I get back 🙂

  5. @sharon Thanks for the clarification! You are absolutely right, the fine print does refer to neem and turmeric as two separate ingredients. You’re quite the green thumb, I really know nothing about neem. How interesting! It’s great to learn something new and I’m really intrigued by this face pack.
    I’ve been so impressed with quite a sum of the bag of love’s samples and have discovered some real gems. I enjoy that they always have such a good mix of goodies by way of scope and brands and it’s such a down-to-earth service that has really focused on listening to its subscribers. It’s in a class all of its own which is why I like it.

  6. @arpita, surely it will be the most exciting giveaway the world has seen! Really, there are still people who don’t subscribe to beautyboxes?! That can’t be true! Last I heard, even the men are getting into these.

  7. @linda, thanks but you’re too kind! I’m actually the worst typist there is, have minimal tech savvy, barely any time to blog, have poor attention to detail…qualities that don’t make the best blogger really but you know what, one can only have a go. Perhaps all I can say is to just go for it. Write for the fun of it about something you love and it will be great even if it isn’t perfect. Do you blog? I’d love to read yours, if you do 🙂

  8. My daughter’s been nagging me 2 blog. Perhaps this weekend after some Merdeka shopping 2 boost my mood first. Btw, love ur blog about ur LUXASIA haul.

  9. Go ahead, Linda! Start a blog and just talk about whatever you like – it’s yours.
    I have a long way to go just yet as it’s still quite skinny on the posts. It has been my personal growth project and a HUGE learning curve for me but been a lot of fun too. You’ll like it! I only wish I had more time to work mine. Let me know when you’re up and running and I’ll go over and visit 🙂
    I had a fun time at the Luxasia sale – you should go next time.

  10. Have 2 leave warehouse sales 4 u young ladies. Can’t walk 2 much as knees tend 2 be tired & painful if walk 4 long period of times. 1 of old age pains.Btw t
    ake ur time 2 blog on whatever catches ur fancy.Haven’t finish reading all ur blogs yet.

  11. Sorry to hear that, Linda. Big Hugs and hope you’re okay. Blogging will be great for you if you prefer staying in and there’s always internet shopping. I think I love internet shopping something awful – takes shopping to a completely other level but it’s bad for the purse 😦
    If I do end up going to another Luxasia sale perhaps I can help you pick up something. Get in touch via FB, when the time comes, ‘kay?

  12. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the hugs. I really must plonk my bottom down & make an effort to blog even if its to rant & vent. I think Internet Shopping is more dangerous as with a few clicks, $ just fly. I find I am more impulsive when internet shopping because its so easy to buy things without wasting time traveling, looking for place to park, no tol to pay & no whining children. Its very kind & sweet of you to offer to help me shop in next Luxasia sale. By the way you sound quite young, still studying or already join the stressful working world?

  13. @Linda, not as young as you think 😀 – does young-at-heart count as young? Drop me a line when you have your blog up & running 🙂

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