CosmoBox ~ July 2013 Liselle Collector’s Edition



My virgin encounter with the CosmoBox can be summed up in one word – ironic. Instead of calling it the Liselle Edition, I have every cause to believe it’s the Ironic Edition. For me anyhow.

More on this later but first let’s take a look at why this was (or more aptly should not be) called the Liselle Collector’s Edition by CosmoBox. The July CosmoBox was billed as a special collector’s box in collaboration with Liselle; an illustrated character created by Malaysian artist, Lisa Lee and I had high, high hopes after reading of Liselle’s collaboration with Clinelle which resulted in an exclusive range of very pretty collectible tumblers.

The CosmoBox July Liselle Edition

The CosmoBox July ~ Liselle Edition

All I know is that somewhere between my expectations and CosmoBox’s interpretation of the word ‘collaboration’ there was a cavernous gully of misinterpretation. I don’t know, when someone collaborates my understanding is that you do stuff with them. Like fun and amazing and memorable stuff. I’m sorry but I really didn’t feel the Liselle vibe here.

The character on the box wasn’t even of Liselle but just a random fashion illustration by Liselle’s creator, Lisa Lee. Pretty enough because Lisa Lee is a great illustrator but this was supposed to be a Liselle-CosmoBox and, I’m sorry, but Liselle did not even make a cameo.

By the way, this is Liselle.

Meet Liselle

Meet Liselle


It’s such a shame that the Liselle theme wasn’t explored because other than a random fashion image on the CosmoBox wrap by Lisa Lee, there were no actual sightings of Liselle. Someone did not get the memo.

Surely, the inclusion of something like a little Liselle bookmark or souvenir surely would have been that unique touch to raise the whole package to the heights of my expectations but Liselle’s absence was never more keenly felt than in a box I understood to be featuring Liselle.

That said, the CosmoBox runs at a mere RM33 per box, a bargain by beauty box standards and this subscription is still one of the most affordable packages around so I really can’t complain. In light of such a fair price, I’ll forgive the Liselle oversight by pocketing my slight disappointment over the billing that never was and giving credit where credit’s due.

Which leads me to the CosmoBox itself.

A sturdy classy keepsake box

A sturdy classy keepsake box

I love the packaging. Liselle or no Liselle, one thing is for sure, the CosmoBox ladies sure know how to pack their beauty subscriptions and I do agree that the box and wrappings itself are par excellence.

Before we even consider the contents of the CosmoBox, it is without doubt that I say that no other box on the market in Malaysia comes close to the quality or the classiness of the packaging of the CosmoBox.

CosmoBox struck a home run with their box design. It is all-white, all-class and the embossed logo on super-strength card makes the CosmoBox a collector’s item in its own right. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m in love with the packaging and that, as superficial as it sounds, will probably be my main reason for subscribing to CosmoBox. The box is already a winner and everything else is a bonus but that is not to say the contents are above my critical gaze. A review is a review and although I’m smitten and could stare at the box design all day, I have some work to do and and that’s to applaud the winners (if any) and pray there are no losers in the guts of this trove.

That nail-biting moment of truth – where all is to be revealed in the unboxing.

Ready to reveal

Ready to reveal

As I mentioned earlier, I have no other word for the contents of this box than ‘ironic. The irony hit me like a tonne of bricks as I dug through this month’s showing.

Let’s start with the Aveda inclusions. Three Aveda samples were attached to this month’s CosmoBox-:

  • Aveda – Be Curly Shampoo 50ml
  • Aveda – Be Curly Condtioner 10ml
  • Aveda – Damage Remedy 10ml
The Curly Culprits

The Curly Culprits

I have such respect for this brand and was so excited to spot the name in the box. I have heard so much about their fantastic herbal hair remedies and have been keen to toddle over to their Hair Experience Centers to get some of my hirsute issues sorted out by their resident professionals. Undoubtedly, Aveda are serious about hair and I don’t doubt the goodness of their products or service but, with the exception of the Damage Remedy sample, I will have to pass the curly products on.
The reason for this is very practical. I spend a princely sum each year eliminating curls and cow licks so the last thing I want is to Be Curly. No doubt a great product for the Shirley Temples out there but not for me.

I don’t blame CosmoBox for this mismatch – I can only blame the Sample Gods and their failure to connect samples with my needs. As is with all beauty subscriptions these mystery beauty boxes are always a gamble and there are bound to be some hits and misses and it was just my bad luck that curls are in season and I am not.

Which leads me to the other brand sampled in this month’s CosmoBox – Nuxe.
I have been chasing Nuxe around for a while now but missing out on all the boxes that have been including them…until now. The July CosmoBox was spilling over with sachets of Nuxe.

An explosion of Nuxe

An explosion of Nuxe

  • Nuxe Brightening Extreme Lotion SPF30 PA++  x 2 sachets
  • Nuxe Brightening Cleansing Foam x 2 sachets
  • Nuxe Whitening Concentrated Serum x 2 sachets
  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-usage Dry Oil x 2 sachets
  • Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30 PA++ x 2 sachets
  • Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30 PA++  15ml Tube

These samples would have made my heart leap if not for the timing.

It was only a week earlier that I received my Bag of Love Nuxe Special Edition which was packed to the brim with five full-sized Nuxe products so it goes without saying that these samples pale vastly in comparison to the value of my Bag of Love edition. These are great samples but it’s simply bad timing on my part to get more Nuxe.

It’s truly an understatement to say I’m a little Nuxed out at the moment. In fact, I’ve never been more Nuxed in my life. I do hope it’s going to be a good thing because as some say, you can never have too much of a good thing and when life gives you Nuxe, soak it all up and Nuxe forth. Again, I have no issue with CosmoBox including Nuxe samples – but the irony of my own situation underpins this whole experience with the July CosmoBox. This was a good box but not really the best box for me.

One can never have enough BB Cream

One can never have enough BB Cream

Still, my favourite item in this month’s CosmoBox is the Nuxe BB Cream. One can never have enough of this magic concealing putty so I’m elated that an extra 15ml tube sample of BB cream was included because I really do scream for BB cream. Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways! My love of BB is a whole post in itself.

I’m also starting to suspect this abundance of Nuxe is actually some divine message implying a need to seek a more meaningful French connection in my life and I shall take it as a sign to eat more French pastries …so croissants and macarons, here I come!

This curious little booklet was found at the bottom of my CosmoBox …

A most worthy addition to the July Box - The Worthy Book Ladies Edition

A most worthy addition to the July Box – The Worthy Book Ladies Edition

  • The Worthy Book Ladies Edition – RRP RM29.90

In it are pages upon pages of discounts and promotional offers for facial treatments, spa sessions, nail and hair appointments, slimming memberships, fashion and accessories around town.
It’s a veritable pick ‘n’ mix of girly goodies and a worthy inclusion in this month’s box if you’re a fan of pampering and preening products.

Value-wise, the savings put forth by the vouchers are worth well more than the RM33 CosmoBox subscription so this is a very decent ‘sample’ if you go about using the vouchers.

I’ll certainly make use of the discount vouchers from Sinma and Sasa and hunt down a few or more beauty and skin care promotions around the Valley. For someone who doesn’t usually use vouchers, this was a booklet I probably would have purchased this for myself and a good call for a beauty box. CosmoBox beat all the other boxes in town to include this Worthy Book Ladies Edition and I consider it smart deal for their subscribers.

The final item I received from CosmoBox this month was a pair of pink toe separators. Er, I’m not sure what to say about these other than they separate toes and…thank you? This is an item in a girl’s stash that we never think we need until our toes demand them.

Toe Separators for those toe curling situations in life.

Pink Toe Separators

So yes, these are a good solid product for when you need your toes separated and are sure to come handy for those unfortunate toe overlapping moments in life. However, any other use for these will be something I leave to that creative mind of yours. I cannot for the life of me think beyond toes today.

In conclusion and despite the many ironies of this month’s CosmoBox, I find myself curiously drawn to this beauty box subscription like a moth to a flame and will likely continue a subscription. Like I said, the packaging is worth collecting and I have an unexplainable and primeval urge to build something of a CosmoBox igloo from all these pristine and sturdy caches, don’t you?

Being an optimist, I think there’s enough promise here to continue taking a punt on the contents of future boxes if for nothing else but the sake of my own personal igloo project.

Explore CosmoBox by Box Culture for yourself here.

Inclusive of delivery charges to Peninsular Malaysia.
Delivery to East Malaysia will incur additional RM5 per box.

Inclusive of delivery charges to Peninsular Malaysia.
Delivery to East Malaysia will incur additional RM5 per box.

Inclusive of delivery charges to Peninsular Malaysia.
Delivery to East Malaysia will incur additional RM5 per box.



  1. Hey ShopGirl.. you’ve had a blog makeover!!! That’s the first thing i noticed when I was looking for the familiar polka dots at the page was loading 🙂
    You’ve summed it up pretty well… though i think you’re being so sweet with the term ‘ironic’ … I’m pretty disappointed really… I dont do’s just never worked for me… Aveda’ was not entirely bad … i do have curly hair when it is untamed a little more curls wont kill it… As for the Worthy book. i already have one..and have still not used any vouchers … i guess it does not work well for the out of town user 🙂 I still have 2 more months on my 3 month sub..lets hope the future boxes please rather than displease 😛

  2. Such a well-written review! I completely omitted and blanked the fact that Liselle was a lie where this edition is concerned and pegged it down to the fact that they emailed us stating they didn’t receive what they were supposed to in time and were hunting for substitutes at the last moment. No doubt, as far substitutes go, I’m more than pleased with this box. It would definitely have been nice to have some pretty Liselle-representative stuff in there though. A real shame…but that’s the “Shrodinger’s Cat” ideology of Beauty Boxes I suppose.

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Arpita! Always a pleasure.
    The lack of Liselle in this Liselle Edition was so glaring I couldn’t let it go but the contents of this and past CosmoBoxes aren’t actually too bad – they’ve featured some nice samples from some top brands.
    I do think that CosmoBox still have a lot of promise. Their superb packaging and their artist collaborations are things they can really run with but yes, it is a shame they did let the baton slip a little this month. It should have been billed as a Lisa Lee box. The irony concerning the contents was a personal matter and I do think a lot of this month’s goodies will benefit people with curls and who aren’t up to their knees in Nuxe as I am.

  4. Hi Sharon, you noticed! I couldn’t resist putting on another ‘dress’ for the blog 😉
    You’re right, sachet samples are not going to be popular with most subscribers. They can be messy to use and the quantity is usually not enough to keep most people interested in a product.
    I actually love curls on others but never had courage to try them out on myself but as I say, I’ve spent a fortune on straightening so it would be counter-productive to use a product for curling. Although, perhaps I should consider adding some curls to a future look. I envy your natural curls – my natural hair is just a composite of cow licks and frizzy bad hair bits.

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