Luxasia Malaysia Sale 2013 Haul

So the jury is a little divided on this year’s Luxasia Malaysia sale.

A complete steal - Anna Sui 2012 Makeup Collection 01 - RM40

[A complete steal – Anna Sui 2012 Makeup Collection 01 – RM40]

Some came, perhaps a little too eager in expecting an early Burberry harvest, and left somewhat deflated to find that Malaysia’s version of the much-lauded Singapore sale was still more than a few Burberry blushers short of a bush.

On the other hand, others like me came …and saw…and hauled.

I’m a glass half-full kind of Shop Girl and prefer to seek the lining in every cloud. Anyway, one girl’s disappointment is another girl’s gain – more for me! Check out my humble haul of eclectic this and thats.

Enchanted Wonderstruck Lotion - RM30

Enchanted Wonderstruck Lotion – RM30

[Battle of the Blondes: Between smelling like Taylor Swift Vs. Britney Spears ~ Taylor won. It was slow ticket sales for Britney. Still plenty of Britney leftover by the end of the sale]

The stars were aligned at this year’s sale Luxasia with Ground Zero at The Park Royal Hotel. This was a god sent location for me and right on my side of the tracks. I took it as a sign. Must. Go. To. Sale. The Park Royal is practically at my front door but first, an admission.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck EDP 5oml – RM70

[More Taylor. If you can’t be her at least smell like her]

Defying all logic, I actually spent Day One (a Friday, I was working) absent from the sale. Hard to believe, right? I can tell you, it was an experience in going Cold Turkey and by day’s end I was already itching and baying for those SALE banners.

To those of you uninitiated to the world of warehouse sales, if the warehouse sale spans more than one day, Day One is usually the most critical in terms of choice offerings. The early birds catch the worms. Sure enough there was, according to the earliest online sources, plenty of Anna Sui, Prada, Jimmy Choo and Burberry fragrances.

I have to say that the gods were smiling on me this time because in a rather dramatic twist to the plot, Day Two saw a plethora of unprecedented markdowns on the already bargain-basement prices. I say unprecedented because in the post-sale analyses even seasoned shopping haulers expressed surprise and disappointment online that their Day One hauls were not the most competitive of all. Score! My patience was rewarded even if I had to sacrifice some of the more popular items with my late entry to the game.

If you missed Day One, I can confirm the appearance of Burberry (alas fragrances only, I think) but it was only a cameo because when I showed up in the late afternoon of Day Two, I ended up at a standoff for the last Burberry item in the entire sale hall – a Burberry Sport lotion which I lost to the lovely young creature that is my sister. Aw, no fun in fighting family even if it it is over Burberry 😦

After that was taken, there were more Blackberries than there were Burberries in sight. Plenty of Bvlgari though but in all the confusion, I’m not even sure it really is my thing.

Bvlgari Omnia Lotion - RM30

Bvlgari Omnia Lotion – RM30

[When you can’t have Burberry settle for Bvlgari]

Bulgari Noir - RM70

Bvlgari Noir – RM70

If fragrances was what you were after then the Luxasia Sale would have been right up your alley. Makeup aficionados were left starving for a fix with very slim pickings of cosmetic products and colours from Anna Sui and Guerlain. Nevertheless, at only RM10-RM40 a pop for Anna Sui makeup – I’d be cursed to complain. The Guerlain colours were so unflattering that I didn’t even bother.

Anna Sui's Eyeshadow Duo Sticks - RM10.

Anna Sui’s Eyeshadow Duo Sticks – RM10.

Patience is indeed a virtue and I am absolutely stoked that I was rewarded with further markdowns from many of the items from Day One. Many products had their current price stickers placed over the last. Peeling unearthed a multitude of dirty but lovely little secrets to those of us who missed the first day.

Where the Anna Sui Makeup and Bag Collection 2012 was RM60 on Day One, I arrived to find it heavily marked down to only RM40 *high fives*-  steal and a half ! Similarly, the Anna Sui Double Eyeshadows, plummeted to an amazing RM10 each from the already bargain-basement price of RM20. I’d never seen anything like it! *rubs eyes in disbelief*

Anna Sui? RM10? I must have been dreaming. This was surreal and my Christmas in July and yes, there is a Santa Claus!
I also got an Anna Sui tissue box cover because well, one has to have the full set. It’s the law, you know. Day One – RM30. Day Two – RM15. Day 3 – Sold Out.

No picture, I’m afraid. It didn’t photograph too well but I’m sure you all know what a tissue box cover looks like.

It was meant to be. Anna & I. I missed the Meet Anna Sui event at The Pavilion a few days before the sale but I still got to ‘meet’ Anna at the Luxasia Sale so I’m a happy bee. Incidentally, these are my first Anna Sui purchases ever even though I’ve been admiring all her treasures from afar.

Only RM20 - This has to be seen to believed.

Anna Sui Eye & Lip Palette – Only RM20. 

[This has to be seen to believed. Note the skull motif imprinted on the lip colour – trés chic!

In my opinion, only two people can get away with skeletal-cool-: Anna Sui and Steve Tyler.]

Anna Sui Secret Wish - RM70

Anna Sui Secret Wish – RM70

[My secret wish came true and I also danced with the fairies…but they were off to the woods by Day 3]

Fairy Dance

Fairy Dance

What the Malaysian Luxasia sale lacked in the glam, glitz and brands of Luxasia Singapore’s cult sale, it more than made up for in comfort. I heard that the Singapore sale is one hot and humid sweat-fest because its held in, of all places, the carpark of the building housing the Luxasia Singapore HQ. Now, if you know anything about car parks and anything about living at the Equator then a beautiful shopping experience that combo does not make. I can’t verify the conditions as I’ve never been to this sale but I just don’t think a carpark sale could be half as cushy as one at The Park Royal in KL.

Crowd-wise, this year’s Luxasia Malaysia sale was by far the most easy-going, subdued ‘warehouse sale’ I have EVER been to. Had they been serving canapes, I would have thought I’d taken a wrong turn into a cocktail party – as far as warehouse sales go, this one was surprisingly civilised and an unexpected pleasure to be part of. If only all sales were as delightful in terms of pace, then I would cancel all my vacations overseas and ‘relax’ here.

Anna Sui Emery Boards - RM10 for 2 pcs

Anna Sui Emery Boards – RM10 for 2 pcs

[Not my proudest score at a steep RM10 for two emery boards. I know they come cheaper but what can I say, I was in Anna Sui-mode.]

And, they're off!

And, they’re off!


I came expecting hordes of hungry shoppers.

What greeted me was a lazy trickle of tame little bargain-hunters mingling quietly among choice fragrance pickings from some of the biggest fashion and beauty houses. Indeed, I am a shop girl but I am not a mad shop girl and comfy casual shopping is up there with some one my favourite things in life. What I don’t enjoy is mad, unadulterated panic-buying in the midst of maddening crowds. The Luxasia Sale was perfect.

Ren Skin Care Deluxe Trial Set - RM20

Ren Skin Care Deluxe Trial Set – RM20

[This was the second last of two boxes of Ren available. I was so tempted to take the last box but momentary insanity prevented me from doing so.This stuff is pretty pricey and for RM20 this set was as cheap as chips. Regrets, regrets :(]

Luxasia’s Malaysia 2013 was a queue-less delight in air-conditioned environs, comprised of tidy makeshift counters manned by courteous, well-trained, and good-looking Luxasia staff (all those beauty goods seem to help). The friendly attache of cash and credit payment counters at the end of the haul completed the entire experience. The girls there were so nice and accommodating; they let me break up my transactions so I could make the most of my credit card benefits. Gotta love the Luxasia staff!

Which makes me think that, despite the moniker, the best warehouse sales are those that are not actually housed in warehouses. Encore Luxasia, please repeat at same or similar venue but add more makeup products from the Houses of  Burberry, MAC, Bobbi Brown and a pallet or two of Guerlain Meteorites and you’ll have a warehouse customer for life.

I’m going to end this post with all the other bits and pieces I hauled.

Apologies for the poor photography – my shopping exploits repeatedly ensure I am denied the luxury of a decent camera and cute props. My social-media ignorance, on the other hand, repeatedly ensures my blog looks like something put together by a cave salamander. Please bear with me while this poor shop girl/ salamander is in between upgrades. No excuses for the obvious lack of tech savvy but I’m a s-l-o-w learner. I still have no idea why certain parts of text are bolded while others are not. I cannot seem to fathom what the h*ll is going on. Be kind, forgive me.

Nina Ricci Coffret - RM120.

Nina Ricci Coffret – RM120.

[Not technically in my haul but at RM120 it probably should have been.

I got this on the behalf of my lovely sister who gave me a run for my money. Shopping is contagious]

John Galliano - RM60

John Galliano – RM60

[John Galliano. Great fragrances but shame about the man]

John Galliano Parlez-moi d'Amour - RM70.

John Galliano Parlez-moi d’Amour – RM70.

I remain undecided if I made the correct choice in choosing CK Sheer beauty Essence over the gorgeous Carolina Herrera set. In the end I went for our little Plain Jane here.

CK Sheer Beauty Essence - RM150.

CK Sheer Beauty Essence – RM150.

Anna Sui Lotions - RM30 Each

Anna Sui Lotions – RM30 Each

There was more but some of it was multiples or not actually mine and had to be given away before it even warmed in my hands.

I’m saving the Anna Sui purse for my beautiful friend, Carmen, who is a dance teacher and will rock it with her amazing salsa skills.

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my first Luxasia haul as much as I enjoyed hauling it.





  1. Lovely, lovely post ShopGirl !!! Amazing Haul does not even begin to describe it. So Jelly… if only the Ren Trial Set was available on the 3rd day I would have hauled BIG-TIME… Alas, it was not to be..but really I should not be complaining for 30 minutes to closing.. I had a great Warehouse Sale Time.

    Indeed, with the somewhat melancholic state of the crowd, you would be confused to think it was a WS.. try a Mattel Sale on Day 1 thru 3… Crazy does not even begin to describe it 🙂

  2. Oh God! I was mildly skeptical about this sale but now I’m beyond disappointed that I didn’t go! You lucky girl, you! Well deserved fines for sure!

  3. I know, I had never heard of it before this year and when it was announced by the Lilac boys I thought, why not? The word SALE is always sweet music to my ears. But not without first googling -I google everything- and came up with the details for the Singapore version which I believe is worth the trip to Singapore itself. Burberries as far as the eye can see, G-emblazoned meteorites blazing across the landscape, enough Guerlain eyeshadows to keep an army of drag queens in stock for a year…I think the people who were most disappointed were the people who googled and expected Malaysia’s to be on par. Malaysia’s sale pales vastly in comparison but still better than any department store sale here EVER. Oh, I wish you made it, Arpita, but never mind, there will be many, many more sales, darling. Put this one on your calendar for next year and think of an excuse to go to Singapore around this time too; usually about a week before.

    Singapore Luxasia Sale
    Luxasia Singapore Office, 12 Tai Seng Street, Luxasia Building Carpark, Singapore 534118, (Tai Seng MRT, Circle Line)
    Burberry| Guerlain| Stila|Anna Sui| Becca| By Terry| La Prairie| Philosophy|Carita| Decleor| Dr.Perricone| Aveda| Jurlique|IPSA | Lancaster| Phytomer| Payot | REN| Evelom | Strivectin | Albion Exage Exica | RMK and more.

  4. Thanks, Sharon sweetie! I needed to stock up on my fragrances and this was really the best way to do it. I had such a nice time.
    I’m still so very glad you made it. Best warehouse crowd ever – I hope it stays that way. I know what you mean. I made the mistake of going to a Diethelm WS once and it was a madhouse 🙂

  5. @Fiona aka Street Love, thanks for the clarification! Such a shame – no wonder there was no sign of MAC or Bobbi.

  6. Every year there’s a warehouse sales for all the beauty brands under Suria Meriang, the company that carries MAC, BB, EL and many more. In order to go to that sales you will need a pass to enter. Keep an eye for next year sales.

  7. Now that’s a sale I’d like try, Fiona! I read your fantastic post on Street Love. That sale sounds amazing but insane and getting a pass is half the challenge. I loved reading about your haul though.

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