Bag of Love ~ June Edition 2013 Summer Bag

Despite this being the land of the Eternal Summer, I think it’s nice to carve out the year into four ‘imaginary’ seasons so that even though it’s always hot around here at the Equator, most us do like to celebrate the onset of each new season just like everywhere else in the world.

Call it tricking the mind but dreaming of seasons other than facing the reality of our having only Wet or Dry seasons helps keep those of us in this part of the world balanced by reminding us that the year is moving on and that we’re not on some eternal loop of sameness…<sigh> even if we actually are.

Bag of Love’s June Edition does just this. The June bag pays homage to Summer, the sun and surf through this month’s selection of warm-weathered beauty goodies.

Here’s mini MiMi – the Bag of Love’s official and super-adorable mascot raising the thermometer a tad with her sexy little hula girl/ coconut bra dance as a preview of the June offerings.

Seriously, Mini MiMi is so darn cute that Bag of Love really needs to consider licensing this character as a brand in her own right. Lol, I would totally buy the MiMi t-shirt. And hat. And bag. And phone cover.

Gorgeous Little Bag of Love Mascot, MiMi hula dances to celebrate the arrival of Summer.

Ooh la la! Gorgeous little Bag of Love mascot, MiMi, hula dances to celebrate the arrival of Summer.

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This month’s bag came with a bonus keepsake – a mini MiMi pin. Too cute! I really love it.

Hint to Bag of Love: more pins please! They are so collectible.

Mini MiMi Pin - Bag of Love's darling mascot.

The mini MiMi Pin – A subscriber souvenir of Bag of Love’s darling mascot and looks just like the Founder of Bag of Love, MiMi Teh. Ain’t she pretty?

Unveiling the goods…

  • Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set (4 pcs)
  • Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo ~Deluxe Sample (50ml)
  • Clairol Professional Color Radiance Visible Repair Intensive Mask ~Deluxe Sample (30ml)
  • Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Spray ~Sample Vial (1.2ml)
  • Vaseline Healthy White SPF24/PA++ ~ Full-Sized (200ml/ RM15.90)
  • Definite Foundation Paddle Brush ~Full-Sized (Rm118)
Summery Skin Care Goodies

Summery Skin Care Goodies ~ a trial set of the Korean brand Cremorlab came with this month’s bag. Note the paddle brush! More on that later.

I’m excited to see the inclusion of Cremorlab products in this month’s selection.

I’ve never heard of this Korean brand but this is part of the reason why I want to buy beauty subscriptions – so that I can test drive new brands and new products before I plunge in and fork out for full-sized versions at the store. Yes, I am cautious and stingy like that but it helps me be a smart shopper and eliminate waste. No point splurging on a full bottle or tube of something that might not suit my skin.

The trial set includes the following-:

  • Cremorlab Sun Protective Cream (3ml)
  • Cremorlab Aqua Essence Water Fluid (3ml)
  • Cremorlab Essence Tonic (8ml)
  • Cremorlab Fresh Water Gel (3ml)

Full sized versions of the same products range in price from RM69-RM169.

Cremorlab Sample Set - a new brand available only at Muse by Watsons

Cremorlab Trial Set – a new brand available only at Muse by Watsons Concept Store @Sunway

This is a new brand to Malaysian shores and is only available at the new Muse by Watsons concept store. I love skin care products and hope for skin care above makeup goods in each of these beauty subscriptions I’m trying. I’m happy to have a chance to give this new entrant to the local beauty market a whirl.

Asians love their whitening products and this month’s bounty of goodies includes a 200ml bottle of Vaseline Healthy White that’s big enough for me to use all over. The full size will last me a while. A very generous inclusion of a reliable brand.

I’ve noted that Bag of Love regularly does include full-sized products – the retail worth of the Vaseline Healthy White lotion is about half the price of the subscription itself. Good value.

SPF24 Protection and whitening in one

SPF24 Protection and whitening in one handy product and in a full 200ml size too!

Of course, the other great product that every beauty addict covets is a makeup brush and Bag of Love is one of those rare subscriptions who have more than occasionally included one. I’m counting three so far!

The to-die-for inclusion loved by all subscribers. A Definite Foundation Brush!

The to-die-for inclusion loved by all Bag of Love subscribers. A Definite Foundation Brush! P.S. Where’s ShopGirl? If you look hard enough you might just spot me there in the photo. A little out-of-shape maybe but still there in all my shopaholic glory.

Imagine the squeals across town as subscribers got their hands on this month’s beauty – a full-sized foundation paddle brush by Definite worth RM118 at retail. I swear that these brushes make grown women go weak at the knees. I kid you not, just checkout out Bag of Love’s fan page on Facebook and see for yourself. Makeup brushes are probably Bag of Love’s most coveted inclusion.

And what Bag of Love review would not be complete without mention of the trendy makeup bag that comes with every edition and that gives Bag of Love its famous name. THIS, darlings, is what makes Bag of Love stand out from the rest. THE BAG ITSELF.

Enter the glorious June bag…

This month's bag is a keeper!

This month’s bag is a keeper and makes me think of itty bitty polka dot bikinis!

It’s certainly the deal maker for me and a large part of the reason why I love subscribing to Bag of Love over some of other beauty subscriptions on the market. I find it hard to resist that their samples always come in a delightfully useful cosmetic bag instead of some throwaway box.

Can a girl ever have hoard too many bags? Bag of Love deserves brownie points for coming up with a beauty box subscription that’s better than a box. I love Bag of Love’s take on the beauty box and really look forward to receiving a new bag with each month’s order.

This month’s blue and white striped number is waterproof and as adorable as it is functional and the roomy bag design is perfect for taking a sizable haul of beauty items to the beach or pool or anywhere that a bit of waterproofing might be handy.

Everything that came with this month’s Bag of Love (including the huge full-sized bottle of Vaseline Healthy White) fit right inside this bag with plenty of space leftover. This is one big beauty pouch! Gotta love the side handle too. It’s different, it’s happy and makes my heart sing a little summery tune just looking at it.

The Bag of Love bag design is different every month but is always tied to the month’s beauty samples so it’s always a surprise to discover each month’s new design as a prelude to the goodies inside.

As a bit of clever marketing, Bag of Love often leaks hints and sneak peeks of the bag design about a week or two on Facebook for those eager beavers who can’t wait for their next subscription. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to log on and get your own sneak peek as Bag of Love updates here …Bag of Love Facebook

Trust me, we subscribers practically hunt down Bag of Love founder, real MiMi, on Facebook for her sneak peaks and poke her and prod her until she gives in. It’s part of the fun, I’m afraid, but secretly I think MiMi loves the attention. She seems so sweet and has got to be one of the most approachable beauty subscription service providers around. Ask her anything and she does her best to help.

As with every month’s bag, the June Edition also came with a cluster of promotional and discount vouchers but admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of vouchers so these will be passed on and shared with friends and family who might enjoy them. I’m still hanging for that elusive voucher that hooks me in – it will have to be an amazing one – the voucher of all vouchers for me to take up an offer.

I know I only just received my Bag of Love June Edition but I’m ashamed to admit that I am already hanging out for next month’s Bag of Love! According to MiMi, July’s theme is Kawaii (or cute in Japanese-speak) and will feature a haul of Asian beauty products. My favourite!

Be warned, these subscriptions are extremely addictive and you’ll soon be hanging out at your mailbox like me waiting for the delivery van that brings in your next beauty fix. They don’t call us Beauty Addicts for no reason.

Have a look in if you’re interested.

Bag of Love

All subscription prices include Free Shipping & Handling to Peninsular Malaysia. Add RM6 for East Malaysian orders.

A monthly subscription is RM39.90.

A quarterly subscription is RM119.70 (3mths + Free Gift)

An annual subscription is RM478.80 (12mths + 1mth Free)

Subscribe here…Bag of Love Subscriptions



  1. I looked and I looked..squinted and stared and could only make out a hazy pink and blue form ( your dress ?) Oh well… you remain elusive yet!!! Loved the post and your writing style 🙂

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