Doctor Sweet Tooth – Handmade Scent Products

I confess, I have an undeniable sweet tooth and often crave chocolates, lollies and desserts during the day but, as they say, ‘A moment on the lips but a lifetime on the hips’!

So, you can imagine how excited I was to discover a way to enjoy ‘dessert’ without the calories. I am so happy to share with you this gorgeously fun find. I’ve been wanting to post about this amazing company and their products for a while.

Doctor Sweet Tooth® , LLC

via Doctor Sweet Tooth® , LLC

Doctor Sweet Tooth is an indie-fragrance company and the brand behind a unique range of handmade scent products for you and your home. Their collection features handmade perfumes (solid & liquid), soaps (bar & liquid), shampoos, bath bombs and soaks, body scrubs, body lotions, powders, and even fragrance products for your man, home or pet.

  • Soaps
  • Perfumes (Solid/ Roll-Ons/ Spritzes/ Dry Oils)
  • Face (Cleansers/ Toners/ Serum/ Creams)
  • Bath Bombs & Bubble Soaks
  • Hair Care (Shampoos/ Conditioners/ Dry Shampoos)
  • Body Butters & Lotions
  • Lip Care (Glosses/ Balms)
  • Hand & Body Washes
  • Massage Oils
  • Home Fragrances (Wax & Soy Candles/  Oils/ Home & Linen Sprays/ Air Fresheners & Diffusers)
  • Pet Care (Shampoo/ Spritzes)

What I like best about Doctor Sweet Tooth is that many of their perfumes and body and bath products feature whimsical and dessert-inspired scents designed to indulge your sweet tooth without damaging your waistline. They also make regular floral and designer-perfume inspired scents but for my first purchase I was mostly interested in their range of yummy-sounding dessert fragrances.

For my first order I was excited and wanted to try as many products as I could.

My Creme Brulee Dry Shampoo

My Creme Brulee Dry Shampoo

I chose a nice mix of scents in these products-:

After choosing my products, I then chose which scents I wanted these products to come in. This is the hardest part of the order because Doctor Sweet Tooth has a truly extensive and impressive scent catalogue. Starting at Acai Berry and going all the way to Wicked Witch, you’ll be spoilt for choice. In fact, Doctor Sweet Tooth carries over 200 amazing scent options with all products made in-house, fresh and sealed upon order to maintain quality.

If you have time, have a little peek at their current scent library here. It’s an amazing list of fragrances that stretches from A and is just a couple of letters shy of Z!

Here are the scents I tried and my personal impressions of them.

* Gingerbread (Silky Dry Oil Perfume) – My Favourite! A spicy, warm scent very much like freshly baked gingerbread cookies. I love this very festive scent. Best gingerbread fragrance I’ve ever tried.

* Vanilla Birthday Cake (Silky Dry Oil Perfume) – Buttery, vanilla-based scent just like vanilla buttercream.

* Waffle Cone (Solid Perfume) – Another personal favourite. Smells exactly like a waffle ice cream cone! Really nice as a solid perfume and I would love to try this as a Silky Dry Oil perfume too. Will definitely get some more of this scent.

* Creme Brulee (Talc-Free Dry Shampoo) – Deliciously sweet scent with caramel and vanilla notes in a unique Dry Shampoo product – simply dust some into your dry hair, shake and go! This was my first time using a Dry Hair Shampoo and it was interesting, if only a little messy to use as I got the powder everywhere. It was more a problem of my bad technique and not the product. This was a fun, delicious-smelling product for giving a little lift to tired locks on those greasy, bad hair days.

I also ordered a few of special bundle packs so I could try out more of their scents in sample sizes. These smaller-sized bundles of scents and are an economical way to preview a ‘flavour’ before committing to a full-sized version and would also make wedding favors or stocking-fillers.

Spritzer Samplers in Yummy Scents.

Spritzer Samplers in Yummy Scents.

Try Me Body Spritz Sampler (6pcs) – USD 16.00 SET
1) Red Velvet Cake – an unusual blend of vanilla and chocolate notes as unique and hard to describe as Red Velvet Cake itself
2) Chocolate Bar –  like a block of chocolate
3) Cookies & Cream – a happy marriage of chocolate and vanilla with a hint of coconut
4) Peppermint Cream – smells like candy canes
5) Wedding Cake – a perfumed mix of roses and sugar, like the icing on a wedding cake
6) Butterscotch – buttery with hints of brown sugar and caramel


Try Me Body Spritz Sampler (6pcs) – USD 16.00 SET
7) Vanilla Dry Sugar – a slightly spicy vanilla scent
8) Cinnamon Frosting – pronounced cinnamon notes with hints of vanilla and buttery pastry reminiscent of a cinnamon bun
9) Jam Berry Scones – strawberry with vanilla notes
10) Pink Candy – a musky, soapy, sugary scent
11) Cotton Blossom – reminiscent of washing powder or freshly laundered linen. I prefer the dessert scents to this but that’s just me
12) Angel Food Cake – slight custardy, vanilla-based scent with hints of coconut

Roll-On Perfume Oils

Roll-On Perfume Oils

Try Me Perfume Oil Roll On (4pcs) – USD 15.00 SET
1) Caramel & Sea Salt – strong, sweet caramel notes offset with a dash of saltiness
2) Pixie Dust – a whimsical scent like a mix of juicy fruit gum and jelly beans
3) Chocolate Chip Cookie – like baked chocolate chip cookies; chocolate and nutty
4) Crispy Treats – a toasty scent version of Rice Krispie Treats

Based on the items I tried, I found that the Silky Dry Perfume Oil and Solid Perfume products were my overall favorite way of enjoying Doctor Sweet Tooth’s scents. These products offered good value for money and carried their scents perfectly. The solid perfume comes in a uber-cute tin case and is a safe and handy way to carry a scent in your purse for a day out.

My favourite Doctor Sweet Tooth Product ~ Silky Dry Perfume Oil.

My personal favourite ~ The Silky Dry Perfume Oil.

I found this product non-greasy, light and such a pleasure to use. I preferred it over the spritzers and the roll-on perfumes. I also loved the metal bottle packaging which was unbreakable, good for travel and helped keep the scent sealed and fresh after each use.

Doctor Sweet Tooth was a really fun fragrance purchase because they are something different from the usual run-of-the-mill bath and beauty products I can buy from department stores or pharmacies.

I love that they are handmade, come in a such a wide range of amazing dessert-inspired scents and are quite reasonably priced.

Further to that, I’m always happy to try indie and handmade products and genuinely love supporting companies who make their products with a lot of TLC and a dash of personality. This brand fits the bill in my books.

Doctor Sweet Tooth ships worldwide.

For your own unique scent experience, visit Doctor Sweet Tooth.


*** The Shop Girl blog is not affiliated with or sponsored by this company and did not receive any compensation or reward in any form for this review. The opinions here are expressly Shop Girl’s personal experience of this brand and their products.  All reviewed products were selected and paid for by Shop Girl herself. ***



  1. Oh Wow…they do look good enough to eat!! I’ve never heard of Dr. Sweet Tooth before but am game to give them a try… did you purchase this off the net and were the international delivery charges reasonable?
    On another note Great blog you have here ShopGirl , I really enjoyed reading your posts and you definitely have the flair for putting together a good blog piece. Looking forward to more 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by, Sharon! I love quirky/ indie brands and you’ll find me reviewing some of these here. Regarding shipping, I paid a little less than USD15 but that was before USPS reviewed the prices this year.
    Very new to blogging myself and it’s early days yet but thanks for your kind words.

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